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FEEKI, aka Alex Ficco, a rapper from Reno, Nevada, has 2,572 followers on Facebook, over a 100 thousand viewers on Youtube and his music has been played a few times on the radio. With songs like Not Alone”, All I Know and Simple Life, Feeki is set out to reach for wide audiences and make his dreams come true. His brand new EP Bipolar is out now for free download.
I asked him a few questions about his life, inspirations and what the future holds for Feeki.
1) How did you come up with the name Feeki? It is very catchy.
It stems from my last name. My nick name has always been Feeks since I was in middle school, so it just came from that. Short, one word, and as you said, catchy.
2) If you could go back in time, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently?
Yeah I would still choose it. Music is something you can make any time and any place. For someone who’s shy like me, it’s a good way to say what I want to say when I can’t in other situations. I would start spending money and investing in myself much earlier than I did!
3) You now dropped the Bipolar EP, what is the theme of the album? What are you trying to get across?
I made ‘Bipolar’ as a representation of my brain and the ups and downs in life. Sometimes I’m on top of the world, super motivated, feeling like I can get this. Other times, I’m down and out and want to quit. Bipolar is split in the middle with an interlude that shifts the project from happy-ish tracks to sad-ish tracks.
4) Who is your all time favorite artist?
I don’t even have one. I like all types of music and can appreciate it for what it is. I like everything. Some days I like listening to lyrical stuff and others I like the turn up stuff. No favorites!
5) Are you going to go on a tour anytime soon?
Not yet. That’s what I’m working towards. We will see what the near future holds.
6) Do you have any hidden talents?
I used to race motocross as a local pro. I don’t ride that much any more but I like to go ride for fun now and then. I can still go fast.
7) Does anyone in your family play music too or are you the only one?
I Think I’m the only one. My family is kind of weird in the sense that it’s small and all over the place. I don’t even know a lot of them, and I’m an only child. Now that I think of it, My cousin-errr maybe he’s my second cousin. Ive never met him- is the lead singer for a metal band called ‘The faceless.’ They’re pretty big from what I’ve read online about them.
8) Your song, “Come Around” holds a lot of meaning, what inspired you to write it?
Come Around was cool. I think that’s the first good song I’ve ever made. The hook says it all. “Is this over now? Stressing over sounds. Pressure to be found, tryna make my momma proud. Take it day by day, but I want it now. Maybe one day I will come around.” Just some normal shit I think about every day. Being impatient and wanting success. Being hard on myself when I shouldn’t be.

9) Do you do anything beside music?
I’m just a normal dude. Music isn’t my career yet. I still have a day job I work from 3-11 in the afternoon. I like to work out a lot. So I’ll do that when I wake up at 8am. Then I work on music until I have to go to work from around 10am -230pm. That’s pretty much my daily schedule. I work on music every day.
10) When did you first start rapping?
I’ve been doing it for a little over three years now. I didn’t start till I was 19.
11) Do you prefer reading a book or watching a movie?
I like both. I want to start reading more than I do now.
12) What is your favorite song on the ep?
I have a few favorites. Different songs for different styles. ‘Pursuin’ That’ is a good turn up type song that still has good lyrics and meaning. ‘War With Myself’ is good cause it holds the meaning of the EP and is my first song with a bigger artist (Hi Rez). They all mean a lot to me and are a good representation of what I’m going through right now. Nothing I put out is ever not true to my life at that moment.
13) How did people first hear about you?
People still don’t know about me! I’ve just been trying to gain fans through social media promotion. It’s tougher than It looks that’s for sure. I’m also played on the radio in my home city too so that helps.
14) How does it feel when your song is being played on the radio?
It’s sick! I’ve only heard it a few times. People snapchat it to me all the time though. Definitely a cool feeling. Shout out Swag 104.9 in Reno!
15) Did you produce the whole ep your self or was there help?
As for as beat production, I didn’t do any of it. All the producers are credited in the song titles. I’m more focused on becoming a better emcee than making beats, but It’s something I want to do in the future. I write, record, mix, and master everything myself at the home studio I built.


16) Who helps you out with the music videos?
That’s my dude @JpFilms. He’s really stepped his game up since we’ve been doing this and other artists reach out to him now to do their videos so I’m pumped for him. He’s been the only one that’s been with me and believed in me since day one. When I make it, he makes it.
17) Last, but not least, What would you like to say to your fans? Will there be any new videos soon?
Thank you. I always tell them that, but without them, I’m nothing. Everything goes off of word of mouth these days. I always respond to everyone on Facebook and Twitter while I’m still able to do that.


Feeki’s Youtube Channel



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