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It’s early days for alternative rock three-piece Brothers, but from the tenacity and energy they put out as they travel the west coast of Scotland, playing everything from bars and coffee shops to established venues in Glasgow, you would never be able to tell.
Formed in 2012 in Ayrshire, Scotland by Fraser Donaldson (vocals and lead guitar) and Cairns Azbraitis (drums and backing vocals) before the addition of Curtis McConnell (bass and backing vocals) in 2013, the three-piece are thriving with the release of their first EP as a three-piece only a few weeks away.


Seeing the three live for the first time in November 2014 at Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow, it only takes a few seconds into the set to see they will go far. The candour of the music resonates through the room as they launch into the first song of the set (and first upcoming single) ‘I Won’t Go’. With honest and compelling lyrics (all written by Donaldson) and strong drum fills and many a brilliant bass line from Azbraitis and McConnell, it’s clear that the set is the product of many weeks of hard work.
Donaldson’s voice itself is vaguely reminiscent of Adam Thompson of We Were Promised Jetpacks and yet is entirely his own, with a completely unique nip that matches perfectly with the charm of his lyrics. His vocals are on point and passionate, the fervour setting the pace for Azbraitis and McConnell who keep up easily and return his enthusiasm tenfold.


Of course, inspired intros and vigorous verses can only get you so far, but it’s clear to see that Brothers are a force to be reckoned with. The three have the hard working attitude that great bands are built around. With practice every week, the determination and effort put in is irrefutably clear as they interact with each other and the crowd in turn.
The music strikes the perfect balance one craves from the alternative rock scene with subdued sections at odds with ardent bridges. Donaldson’s voice easily adapts and fluctuates as required, all the while connecting with the listener through the sense of affinity his truly sincere lyrics create.


For the support band of the night, the set by Brothers was incredibly satisfying and I’ve been awaiting their single ‘I Won’t Go’ with baited breath. The song is a perfect insight into the mindset of the band with the title alone summing up what can be expected from the three. Perseverance, hard work and a lot more to come. They’ve established their roots and are now set to grow. Watch this space as I’m calling it now, Brothers will break their barriers and build something big.







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