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Hailing from Houston, Texas, Christian Metal/Deathcore band, Solomon, has setout to spread love, hope, and their testimonies through their powerful music. Their message speaks honesty, anger and happiness with the world.

The band was founded in 2008 and has since been constantly on tours trying to achieve their dream and bring followers with them. Solomon is a 5 piece band, consisting of Nick (Guitar), Nasson (Guitar), Juan(Bass) and Ruben Inzunza (Vocals). They are currently signed to RedCore Records and are soon to release their first album.

Aside from doing tours and playing brutal music, Nick is a guitar teacher at School Of Rock: Kingwood. He also has a great sense of humor and can make everyone in the school crack up. I had a great time doing this interview.


So Nick, what does being in a band such as Solomon mean to you?


Being in Solomon is Gods calling for me right now. I serve him buy going out on these tours and just meeting new people and hopefully spreading some good news to them. And that means more to me than just about anything.


Many bands talk about on how they started out, so, when and how did Solomon get together as band?

I wasn’t around at the time, but I know it was formed to make some brutal music and worship all at the same time.


You mentioned you not being there when the band was founded, were you in any other band before Solomon or was Solomon your first pick?

I was in one other band before Solomon. (Nothing To Grasp) when NTG came to a halt, Solomon asked for a fill in guitarist. And here I am.


Now, you guys have been on many tours, you got to tour with bands like Fit For A King, Kublai Khan, Like Monroe (Candle Lit City, I got to interview them) and many local bands from other states as well, do you ever miss home when you are on tour?


I enjoy tour to be my time away from home, my responsibilities, and all problems I may or may not have. It’s relieving, but the end of the tour always seems to be the longest part you know?


What is your all time favorite band?


I really love and respect Impending Doom. They have made a big impact on what today’s heavy Christian Metal is all about.


Now, I read that you guys were making an album and that it is coming out soon, what date will it be officially out and can you give us maybe some little details about the album?

An album is coming very soon. We will be releasing a single this next month. The album will be titled “Conqueror” in light of all of those who have been through rough times, and has seen troubles before finding happiness, making you a conqueror.

I listened to a few tracks that you guys have put out, can you explain the track “Aperi Oculos” ?

Aperi Oculos is a Latin phrase literally meaning “Open Eyes.” The song is for those who can be blinded by all of the darkness in life and through all the struggles God asks one thing of us, to keep our eyes on him through the storm.



The message in that song is very positive and powerful. Has being in Solomon changed the way you view things in life?


I have realized that a lot of Christian bands have influenced my walk with Christ, and I have recently understood that I am now that very tool to show his glory and bring people to him.


What is the craziest things that happened to you guys on tour?


Seeing a few kids with satanic patches on their vest who would never step foot in a church, have come to us and have complimented us not only on our music, but our ministry.


Wow, that must be awkward. There are many young musicians out there who want to do the same thing you are doing, any advice you could give them?

I would say that this is a dream ready to come true when you give the glory to God. Your passion will be your drive, and neither of those things go unnoticed.


Good advice. Now, On Facebook it says that you work as an instructor for School Of Rock, does the schedule work out between teaching and Solomon?

That’s actually classified. (Laughs) no, it’s not. I do teach at the school of rock. And being a music school, they are very understanding of my career and are always open to letting my band tour, I AM BLESSED!


So you’re basically Agent 007 of Deathcore music! Lets talk about touring for a minute.You have been on many tours, what is your favorite part of touring and what was your favorite band to do a tour with?

Tour life is a crazy life, and I have learned so much from my experiences. Met so many cool people and seen so many beautiful places. UNTIL WE ARE GHOSTS, True

Story, (they are in town right now, and I’m with them at their show) please check them out, listen to them. Coolest dudes ever.


Last, but not least, what will be the next step for the band after releasing your album?

Next step is to tour and push this album hopefully you guys like it! Thanks a lot. God bless you guys.



Thanks Nick for taking your time with me here! Wish your band the best of luck. Catch these guys on tour, Links below!!


Solomon’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/solomontx

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/solomontx

Twitter: twitter.com/solomontx


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