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Rating: 9/10


For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Taking Back Sunday

Bears and Company is a progressive/indie rock band out of Kansas City Missouri. Each member comes from different musical backgrounds and collectively they craft a unique taste for those with open mouths. They are a band that share a story worth listening to, and paint a constant raging tone to illustrate such. This quintuplet is a band that gets in your face and will have you screaming every word in company. They create sound for honest connection, and work restlessly to break any and all resistance. The Bears started when songwriters, Alexander McClain (Guitar/Vocals) and Logan Tyler (Vocals/Bass) got together in the winter of their first and last year of college and began working on the songs and ideas of Bears and Company. Not long after McClain’s long time friend and past bandmate, Allan Latini (Drums) joined the band out of great desire to be a part of a hard hitting project.


As a Trio the band played multiple shows, wrote, and recorded an unreleased E.P. and in time decided that it was time to step up their song direction and guitar section. Zach Knoll (Guitar) became the missing piece of the puzzle after a couple sessions. Charisma came completely natural for the four piece and things took off immediately. They began writing their full length record titled, South of the Mountain, in the fall of 2011 and started tracking it in the birth of the new year with producer Aaron Crawford (The Beautiful Bodies, We Are Voices, Flee the Seen, Now Now Sleepyhead). After a long summer of touring and hard work they returned to the studio to record their debut album “South of The Mountain”.

These guys ooze with rock goodness with a modern indie feel. Fantastic vocal harmonies and dynamic when stretching for the yell, or the subdued chorus lines, these guys pull it off. The guitar screams in the perfect mix of grunge and clean tones that swirl together with the drums. The first thought I had from the opening track was “This is awesome! Like Manchester Orchestra, but it went deeper than that.” The execution was heavier and the melodies were different and new, I didn’t know what to expect from one verse to another. The lyrics were poetic and profound, not simple or shallow.

When The Sky Opened
Keep closed that mouth of yours ghost still spill from your teeth
Wait out the morning and see what you mean to me
It’s just so hard to hold a simple truth when your heart is young
So keep me under wraps, and save your talk for them to see
Let them see

I’m sick and tired of
So sick and tired of the wrong side
The wrong side of this mess we’re in
Don’t let them tear your skin

I’ll cave just give me time to expand my arms it’s a reach
But what will become of us if we lay and wait for too long
My god what happened to me? Give me back who I use to be
Punch drunk and scared to death
How did I get here?
I can’t see

These guys sound like a veteran band on their third or fourth album yet this is their debut and here I am saying they’re better then Manchester Orchestra! That itself is a feat. I commend these guys for a great album and putting together such a expert sounding experience.





More from these guys coming soon!

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