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Rating: 9/10


You might have heard the name Boy His Car from singer CRegg Rondell’s undisputed MOST EPIC STAGE DIVE EVER (link) and thought they dissapeared. Well not these guys. They have the musical tenacity unlike any other. Boy Hits Car and I go waaaay back to 2001, when they released their self titled album. I remember hearing about them through a Wind-Up Records email newsletter (that I had subscribed to due to my other favorite band- Finger Eleven being on their roster) and later picking up their album for the new release sale price of $9.99 at the local Best Buy. It was an immediate hit and something unlike I had ever heard before. It embedded the sound of ‘Lovecore‘ into my brain and the dynamic and power that was contained in those tracks was so raw and pure it was like a drug. They gained an immediate following and were constantly on tour and haven’t stopped since. I was even lucky enough to host them for an in-store acoustic show when I was working at Tower Records in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 for the release of The Passage.


Since then the boys have been holding strong and never letting go of their passion for the music. All That Led Us Here is an incredible culmination of (they’re credo) love, fury, passion, and energy.  CRegg Rondell’s signature 12 string guitar,  unique vocals switching between gentle melody and blistering fury, Bill Gower’s impeccable bass skills, Mike Bartak’s glorious guitar distortion, with Will Jenkins and (their previous drummer) Johnny Ransom banging the hell outta the kit on every track.


The album opens with “Silhouettes Fade” (listen below)  which hits you hard and gets you pumped with with the running 12 string before dropping the heavy. This is classic Boy Hits Car and a great opening to the album. The band’s music applies to everyone universally and speaks with messages of peace and unity. Track 3 “Anxious but Gradual Rhythms” kicks up the energy with the soft lyrics “I want to see a circle, a circle of unity” but after the song progresses and builds more energy the lyrics turn into – “I want to see a circle PIT!”. Needless to say BHC live shows are an absolutely euphoric experience from the energy they exude in a live setting and this just provides plenty of fuel for the fire.  Given the state of society today, I believe that “The Extremist” should ring as the anthem for this generation:

We’ll have a common breakthrough/ letting the Lovecore take you/ before life tries to break you/ We’re still alive!

Track 10 “Can’t Run From Yourself” is the soft ballad of the album and features primarily acoustic guitar and a light organ. The album also features a glorious cover of Information Society’s “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)


The album is rich with emotion and positive energy and “Lovecore” that it’s bound to grow on you. It’s necessary that people latch on to bands like this that are spreading such a message and if this article were to spread to music lovers everywhere, the world would be a better place. You owe it to yourself to listen to this!


Key Tracks: Silhouettes Fade, The Extremist, Daregrevda



I was very excited, to say the least, to have a chance to finally interview the guys after all these years. I asked singer CRegg Rondell and the guys a few question about the album and his career fronting the band


When you think about releasing My Animal in 1998 and even in 2001 with the self titled album. Where was you head at with the future of Boy Hits Car and where did you think the band was going to end up 10 years later? How does that differ from where you are today?


CR- Hey Scott, and thanks for your interest in BHC and our new album ‘All That Led Us Here’…
I’d always hoped that we’d have the longevity and will to continue, while still maintaining the passion and love for the music, as well as the lifestyle and ‘grind’ if you will, which comes with being a DIY style band, that once again became a reality for BHC 10 years ago, when we parted ways with our label and decided to go at it alone. Soon after that, the original line-up slowly went in different directions, so to find myself still fronting BHC and releasing new material, and even having enough of a base to be able to go out and support releases, was something I really couldn’t be certain of 10years ago.


What advice would give Cregg from 15 years ago about a music career?


CR- Pursue music cause its something that’s ingrained deep with your heart, and not for any other reason, And be prepared to work harder at it than anything you’ve ever done.


‘All That Led Us Here’ reinforces that BHC credos of love, peace, tolerance, unity and I imagine those are reflective of the strong beliefs rooted in the band. Assuming that you’re all a bunch of loving gentlemen, have there been any conflicts or turmoil within the band, historically? In the rare occasion that there is a disagreement, how are those resolved?


CR- Well, its like any relationship in a way, plus there’s the added stress of living in a van together for extended periods of time, so naturally there’s disagreements and tension that can arise. We try to keep the communication open, and usually we’re able to resolve matters. In the case of creative disputes, we use a majority rules principle.


Which song on the new record means the most to you? Why?


Well, I seem to have a new favorite every week, so at the moment I’m digging The Extremist(Do you Feel me on This?). It has a such a sic groove, and the message is really positive and something I’m totally proud of. I truly feel I pulled some universally cool shit out lyrically on that one, not to toot my own horn;)


I was pleased to see that you released the new recording of ‘Daregveda’. I saw you guys uploaded it to Soundcloud about a year and a half ago. What made you decide to add it to this album? What exactly is “Daregveda”?


CR- Considering that song was written back in 1996, and had always been a favorite that was tracked for both My Animal and the Self Titled albums, but never seemed to make the cut, I felt it was due time to feature it on a full length. Plus, we re-worked the arrangement and I added some vocals and melodies that brought the song to a new level. As far as the title, its loosely derived from a series of ancient Sanskrit texts called the ‘Rigveda’, which I read some of back in the early 90’s. The song has nothing to do with it, but there was a portion about ‘loosing ego’, which seemed to speak to my young self.


The album also sees the release of the second ever recorded BHC cover song of Information Society’s ‘What’s On Your Mind’ (pure energy). How did the selection of that track come about?


Boy Hits CarCR- I’d always wanted to do a heavy version of it, cause it seemed it would translate really well with some fat guitars, and heavy drumming, etc. Plus, the hook is great!


I love attending BHC shows and it truly is a transcendent experience. I can vividly remember every BHC show because they so energetic and there’s such a connection made between the band members and the audience. [Let’s get connected!] Listening to the new album I’ve noticed that the vocals on the album are sung as if directly to a live audience. Was that a conscious decision to try to bring the live feel to the album, or just a result of the constant touring?


CR- I feel its a combination of the two. BHC has always been about the live show and the connection achieved within that medium of expression, and in the current environment of artists and bands using ‘tracks’ at their live shows, but claiming to be ‘a live band’, we felt it was necessary to try and capture that live feel on an album, and really emulate it live, but in the more real and stripped down nature that is live BoyHitsCar… Plug in and go!!! Ol Skool baby;)


If there were to exist a ‘Behind the music – Boy Hits Car’ that aired today, what special/unique things do you think people would get a glimpse of?


People with a pure love of nature, and that enduring feeling that music is the great ancient language, that can save the world. Plus, we’re all just a bunch of goofballs most of the time.


Name some other independent bands do you think people should be paying attention to:


CR- Cage9, and Terraplane Sun are 2 that come to mind immediately. Two uniquely Different bands musically, but equally as compelling.


Thanks so much guys! See you on the road soon! Tourdates!



Here’s a fan video of track 1 – Silhouettes Fade


EXCLUSIVE boyhitscar.com US Release (physical CD) Shipping Now – ORDER YOUR COPY NOW – CLICK HERE

In Europe through Eternal Sound RecordsCLICK HERE


Full Tracklist:

1. Silhouettes Fade
2. Battles of the Heart
3. Anxious but Gradual Rhythms
4. Quiet Storm
5. The Extremist (Do you feel me on this?)
6. Ocean Wquation
7. Come on
8. Ourglass (As Time Slips away)
9. What´s on Your MInd (pure energy)
10. Can´t Run from Yourself
11. Daregveda


Check out their 2001 self titled album as well. [Spotify]





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