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Rating: 8.5/10


I recall listening to MIDGAR once in the past. I specially recall the artwork from ‘Lead Your Children To The Sky’ (2010) because it reminded me of the Madina Lake font style off of ‘From Them, Through Us, To You’ – band-font association strange, I know. But for some reason they became buried under all of the other music and stuff that I stumble across on a daily basis. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered ‘The Holographic Principle‘ beaming at me on my Spotify dashboard with a sly “Recommended for you” above it. I gave it a listen and smacked myself for not staying on the forefront of these guys from the beginning. This album definitely would have made my ‘Top albums of 2013’ list.


The sounds were like I was listening to some kind of super-group. It was like a lovechild between Silverchair and Sevendust raised by Muse with a hair-trigger temper to smash the shit out of everything. Being a huge Silverchair and Sevendust fan, I immediately told my friends that they HAVE to listen to these guys. They were pleasantly surprised as well and hopped right on the Midgar wagon.


Track 1 “We Are The Faithful” opens with a string section warming up as if you’re preparing to hear a concerto, as the song progresses, singer/guitarist/pianist Andy Wilson – Taylor tickles the ivory in a frantic dancing melody. The entire opening track feels like it’s backed by the London Symphony Orchestra as you struggle to comprehend every piece that’s flowing in your ears. The singer wrote and performed all the piano parts, and wrote and arranged the strings parts, too. Kudos to his musical ability and composition skills!

“Buried Alive” kicks it up a notch with a head banging metal intro leading to the galloping verse. The lyrics of the chorus speak of cold loss, and remorse –

“How does it feel to know that I don’t care?
How can we speak when I have nothing to share?
Don’t go begging me cause I swear I’ll never change.
Don’t give me your heart cause I’ll just throw it away.
You can’t bury this alive.”

“Requiem” opens with an amazing piano intro before the track comes together with a furious pounding of the drums and distorted guitar.
The whole album blends the majestic piano with rapid fire double-bass drumming which is best featured in the latter half of “Neptune”.
“All I’ve Ever Done” gets the head rocking with a half-time feel and bursts of adrenaline intertwined and a sweet choral outro.

The second half of the album take the album to a slow burn and plays off of the instrumentation and arrangement of the programming/string/guitar/piano while you take a breather and sit back and soak in the emotion.


Ending with a fitting track ‘Eschatology” (meaning the theology in the belief in the end of the world or the ‘ultimate destiny of humanity’) which features billowing drums with a symphony of sounds marking the final events in history as they take place. As I listen I can imagine the scene to which this track is the soundtrack for, a fitting end to the album.



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