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Time IN Place

Rating: 8.5/10


For Fans Of: I, The Mighty, Circa Survive, Chiodos


ARTIFEX PEREO is an ‘experimental rock’ band from Louisville KY. (The term experimental used in the context that they’re doing things no one else has done, but doing it well)  Their third album “Time In Place” is set for release May 27th via Tooth and Nail records.


Artifex Pereo are a band that never slows down and pours 110% of their energy into every song. It’s like trying to photograph a hummingbird in flight, while it can be done, it takes speed and experience. The band breaks all the rules of basic songwriting and flexes their musical prowess through every song. Never going with the flow of simplistic time signatures or melodies. That’s what makes these guys so damn good. They’re unique in the best way possible. They’ve influenced bands like I, The Mighty and Circa Survive with their frantic methods and have paved the path for many to follow.


The whole album breathes energy into a dying rock genre and leaves the listener with a broader understanding of what they’ve been missing.  While it make take a few listens just to catch up with all of the elements that whisk you away into a sonic whirlwind with each track, it is definitely worth the experience.


The Band:

Jamie Davis: Guitar/Vocals
Cory Eaves: Drums
Jordan Haynes: Guitar
Lucas Worley: Vocals
Eugene Barker: Bass
Jeremiah Brinkworth: Keys





No Stranger to Worry
To Listen & Say Nothing
Hands of Penance
Laugh & The World Laughs With You
The Straight & The Winding Way
The Golden Age
Cut Sign
Liable for Tragedy
Weep & You Weep Alone
Tied to the Sunset



Artifex Pereo

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