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ARTIFEX PEREO is an experimental rock band from Louisville, KY and signed to Tooth & Nail Records.
Hand of Penance” is their first single off the new album Time In Place out on May 27th –

Time in Place, the band’s debut album on Tooth & Nail Records, will invigorate anyone enamored by the multi-instrumentalism of The Dear Hunter, the melodic triumph of Circa Survive, the abrasive experimentalism of Orange County post-metalcore heroes Thrice, or the jaggedly explosive emotional outpouring of Glassjaw.
“Much of Time In Place was written during a time of uncertainty,” says Dory Eaves. “Our founding vocalist left the band upon the release of our last album, so a great deal of the instrumentation for this record was pieced together while not knowing if we’d ever find another singer. We wrote what came naturally to us, without worry of outside opinions or judgmental ears. There were times when we wondered if these songs would ever see daylight. We were lucky to eventually find such an amazing human being and musician in our new singer, Lucas, but I think in the end, that initial freedom that we felt as a band, early on in the writing process, gave us an independence and a sound that will help set this record apart from our previous works. Everyday that this band is together, we’re able to learn a little bit more about ourselves; as musicians, as songwriters, as friends. With that, I think, comes a more enjoyable product, for us, and for whoever might be listening.”
Artifex Pereo, which consists of Jamie Davis (guitar/vocals), Cory Eaves (drums), Jordan Haynes (guitar), Lucas Worley (vocals), Eugene Barker (bass) and Jeremiah Brinkworth (keys), was forged from the remnants of two local Louisville bands, bound together by determined resolve to give something to the greater music community.
From the earliest incarnation of a melody on the piano, to a guitar riff or a faintly sung vocal idea, each and every member contributes to the band’s collective sound in equal measure. There’s a level of comfort, camaraderie and chemistry within Artifex Pereo that enables productive songwriting sessions as well as blistering performances that balance unbridled energy with technical proficiency. It’s a working relationship that stretches back to the group’s first rumblings in a smoldering garage, where they crafted the songs for their first DIY EP.
Artifex Pereo are now primed and ready to share their cherished, incredibly personal compositions on Time In Place with the world, launching into a heavy touring cycle in support of their record and eager to see where the future takes them.
Time In Place Track List:
1. No Stranger To Worry
2. To Listen & Say Nothing
3. Hands of Penance
4. Annica
5. Laugh & The World Laughs With You
6. Liable For Tragedy
7. The Straight & The Winding Way
8. Apeiron
9. The Golden Age
10. Cut Sign
11. Weep & You Weep Alone
12. Tied To The Sunset
13. Overview
Pre-orders can be purchased here and come with a download of the single –
artifex pereo timeinplace


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