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Formed in Early 2012 in Houston,  TX.  Adding a mix genre of Jazz, Metal, Blues, Country and Hard Rock to the Houston music scene, The Voiceless Thunder is not your usual local act. The honest, inspiring lyrics of Shawn Crowson, groovy bass textures of Al Alvarez, ground shattering, on beat drum beats of Beejay Chester and the God given talent that allows Austin Jennings to shred unimaginable melodies and energetic rhythms on his guitar like no other, will leave their audience with satisfaction and hunger for more jaw dropping music.
The Voiceless Thunder are:
Shawn Crowson – Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Beejay Chester – Drums

Austin Jennings – Guitars

Al Alvarez – Bass
I had a very interesting conversation with Austin Jennings about his band and how it changed his life.


I watched your guitar solo videos on Facebook and after watching five of them, I was blown away by how fast and on time you played.


What inspired you to pick up a guitar?

When I was little I went to a green day concert. It was the first rock concert I had ever been too, and I told my mom. “I could do actually do this”


What Song do you relate on your album?

I would say “Hard Times” it’s all about getting knocked down and having to pick yourself back up and letting people know you’re strong.



You mentioned Green Day, do you have any other influences?

My favorite band of all time is Mr Big. They are absolutely incredible! I also like  Racer X, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Ac/Dc, nirvana, foo fighters and Paul Thorn.


Now, Every band has its origins, how did The Voiceless thunder come together?


Shawn (the lead singer) and Al (bass player) were in a band in the early 2000’s that broke up in around 2008? Not exactly sure on the year. Shawn had an ad online looking for a lead player and I gave him a call. We jammed for awhile just me and him, until Beejay (the drummer) and Al came over to see if we all fit, and we’ve been jammin ever since!


Is there a certain meaning of the name or is it just a name that has a hook?

The name just kinda fell in place naturally. We were trying to come up with something and Shawn finally came up with the name. I feel like it really represents our characters on stage.


What genre does your music fall into besides rock?

Blues, and Country would be the other two main genres. We also throw in some metal and jazz in there.


Most musicians aim to reach their goals in life. What is your and the bands  number one goal to accomplish?

Honestly it’s just to have fun and put on the best shows and recordings out that we can.


This is one of those fun questions, how would you describe your bandmates in one word?

Goofballs, if that’s one word. Especially Shawn!

Where was your favorite gig that The Voiceless Thunder played at?

I would have to say the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Tx. Every band that night was incredible and we had a killer audience!


Alright Austin this is the last question, how has being in a band changed your life? What were the impacts and the highlights?

Being able to stand in front of hundreds to thousands of people and let all your emotions out… I mean, there’s nothing else like being on stage and performing.! The best times of my life are when I’m on that stage with my Splawn Nitro behind me and I’m ripping a solo on my Ibanez rg550!


Wow, keep on shredding and don’t stop on your goal. Houston better be proud of a fantastic guitarist such as you and your band!


Besides shredding on a guitar and pulling stunts on the stage with his band, Austin is also talented in gymnastics.


Let Go Music Video by The Voiceless Thunder by thevoicelessthunder

Band Page: https://www.faceb ook.com/TheVoicelessThunder
Website: http://www.thevoicelessthunder.com


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