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The-Nearly-DeadsTHE NEARLY DEADS are a Rock/Post-Grunge band from Tampa, FL (now located in Nashville, TN). They’re on the cusp of a breakout and Ampkicker is here covering this awesome group with a featured interview with singer Theresa “TJ” Jeane.  Keep your ears open for these hard-hitting, un-dead-loving, straight-up-rock-and-roller’s new single “I SAID” – to be released April 8th! This will be the first single from their new FULL LENGTH album due out Summer 2014.
Comprised of:
Theresa Jeane – Vocals/Keys
Steven Tobi – Guitar
Javier Garza Jr – Guitar
Kevin Koelsch – Bass
For Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Taking Back Sunday
Nashville-based alternative rock outfit The Nearly Deads are primed and ready to explode. The band has created a buzz of their very own, mixing the polished pop vocals of singer Theresa Jeane with the aggressive grunge-inspired instrumentals of Steve Tobi, Cory Walen and Kevin Koelsch. The Nearly Deads have managed to create a truly unique genre that not only gives a nod to gritty grunge, but brings it back in a way never heard before. Imagine Kelly Clarkson as front-woman of the Foo Fighters.
After years of extensive DIY touring and appearances at notable festivals including Summerfest, Journey’s Backyard BBQ, and The Vans Warped Tour, The Nearly Deads are excited for everything to follow. Their second EP, “Survival Guide”, is available now, and the band is currently working on their first full length to follow. What makes The Nearly Deads so likable is not just their undeniably catchy songwriting, but the fact that they are down to earth and passionate about what they do. “Survival Guide” is available at iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital retailers.


Have a listen while you read out interview!


Thanks TJ for taking the time to do an interview with us! Lets get started –


1. It was mentioned that you’re “classically trained” as a vocalist. When did that start and was it your own ambition The Nearly Deads - TJthat led you to that, or your parents?


My parents have always been supportive of my choices when it comes to music. When I first went to college, I had already been songwriting and singing, and I just wanted to keep getting better. I always wanted to write music for film, and my parents encouraged me to take composition and orchestration. I had to pick a principle instrument in order to get my Composition degree, so I chose voice. I think my older sister was more of an influence on me, because we were always involved in musical theatre together when we were young. I didn’t start taking serious vocal training until college.
2. Word is that you’ve already completed recording a new album. What can you tell us about the place you were in and the mood of the new songs compared to your current EPs. When can we expect the new album?
The new album is going to be amazing. We have a little more punk and grunge influence this time around, and I think we’re finally settling into our sound as a band. The songs and the lyrics are always somehow about the journey we’re on as a band, and specifically me as a front-woman. We’ve been through a lot as a band in the past year, and there are many events that have made me question myself. I think it’s important to show people that everyone goes through moments of insecurity, and that it’s OK, and a normal part of life. We’re all in this together!
3. From inside of the band, how do you gauge your success as you release music? (After -currently- over 6 million youtube views of ‘Never Look Back’) Have you witnessed an increase in attendance at the live shows compared to before the video was released?
Honestly, being happy with what we’re doing and being able to continue to do it is how we gauge our success. We’re in this because we enjoy it and we love to play music. We had no idea that Never Look Back would hit 6 million views, we just had a blast making that video. As long as people come see us at our shows, we consider that success. We have seen a huge increase in our fan base and most of the kids who come to see us have only heard about us because they stumbled upon our videos online. It’s been the best thing that’s ever happened for us – we can’t wait for the next video to come out!

4. Do you ever feel ‘Nearly Dead’ from touring and being on the road? How do you find an escape from being in close quarters with the same people all the time and does it ever cause turmoil between the members?
We love touring! You have to love the life and know what you’re getting into. It’s not for everyone. Sometimes you sleep in your clothes on the floor. Sometimes you’re sleeping in the van in the freezing cold! The bottom line is that we all get along. We’re like best friends. We have changed members a few times because some people just flat-out don’t enjoy being on the road. It’s all about finding the right crew that’s down for anything at any moment. We have had some of the best experiences and met some of the best people on the road. We’ve also had our sketchy moments where we’re not sure what the hell we’re doing! We have family and friends in a lot of places who will offer up their homes for us to stay the night, which is the best. We always get welcomed with open arms. As a girl, I always take time to make sure I get a little me time. My bandmates are really supportive of that, they’ll let me take the bed or the couch or shower before everyone else. I actually take time to put perfume on and paint my nails so I don’t get lost in the shuffle and forget to be a girl! You’ll often find me drinking hot tea after shows when everyone else is partying, too.
5. What would be in your “Survival Guide” for new bands looking to get out there? What are some key lessons you’ve learned (personally or professionally) since the inception of The Nearly Deads? 
Play music that you love, with people that you love! You have to have the right crew. Only work with people who are positive and bring you up and enjoy what they’re doing. There’s no reason to waste anyone’s time trying to force someone into a life they don’t really want. It always eventually leads to problems, and those people will eventually move on to something that makes them happy. You also want to make sure you take care of yourself, especially as a vocalist. It’s really hard – I want to party and have fun with my dudes, but it can really wreck your voice to do that every night. So you need to remember to get plenty of sleep, eat as healthy as possible when you’re on the road, and drink lots of water.
6. With so many DIY bands making their own music – since you’ve been there and left – what do you think would be the motivating factor/benefit for bands to sign to a label?
There can be many benefits to signing to a label, you just have to make sure it’s the right time for your band, that you’re ready for it, and that you understand that you’ll still be doing a lot of work yourself. It has to make sense from a business and an artistic standpoint. From our experience, we weren’t growing in our relationship, and coming from a DIY background, it was hard for us to hand over our control. If we were to sign again, it would have to be the right timing and the right circumstances. We are happy to be 100% independent again!
7. What does the tattoo on your inner wrist say and what was the inspiration for it?
It says “take it easy”. It’s something I say all the time, and it serves as a reminder for me when I need to chill out. I think everyone should just take it easy and enjoy life!
TND TJ8. If you never joined up with the band and still lived in Tampa, what (besides music) would have been your #2 dream job?
I’ve always been pretty artistic and creative, so I think maybe I would have ended up becoming a makeup artist. I love makeup, I’m super girly about it actually, and I love how it makes people feel about themselves. I’m also super intrigued by fantasy and special effects makeup for theatre and film, so I think I would have loved to pursue that as a career.
9. The zombie apocalypse comes and the undead are breaking down your door. You can only grab 5 albums to listen to before you make your escape. Which 5 albums would you pick?
Cursive – The Ugly Organ
The Used – The Used
Brand New – Deja Entendu
The Distillers – Coral Fang
Etta James – At Last
10. Currently what’s the most played song in you iTunes library?
Probably ‘National Anthem’, “Radio”  or “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. I’m currently obsessed with her.
11. I heard you were a huge Palahnuik fan, especially Fight Club. What’s your favorite quote from Fight Club and why?
“You met me at a very strange time in my life” – This sums up everyone’s life. In one simple statement. It’s always a strange moment in my life. I just think it’s the most beautiful line and the most beautiful scene in the film.
I am obsessed with Fight Club. I can quote the movie front to back and I pride myself on my trivial knowledge of the film. Palahniuk changed my life, showed me it was OK to be a little on the dark side. I have so many favorite quotes, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.
Thanks again! Keep your ears open for new music SOON from THE NEARLY DEADS!
3/28 – Nashville, TN @ Cannery Ballroom+
4/01 – Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre**
4/02 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Bar**
4/03 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Sky Box**
4/05 – Spokane, WA @ Red Room Lounge*
4/07 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven*
4/08 – Portland, OR @ Analog*
4/09 – Chico, CA @ LaSalle’s*
4/11 – Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza*
4/12 – Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk*
4/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Loaded**
4/15 – San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar
4/18 – Dallas, TX @ Sons of Herman Hall
6/07 – Milwaukee, WI @ PrideFest (Miller Main Stage)


+w/ Halestorm
*w/ Stitched Up Heart
**w/ Stitched Up Heart & Neo Geo




Brave lyric video http://youtu.be/npCnh-9yw_8
Fact and Friction http://youtu.be/VgVY4RSzCwo
Never Look Back http://youtu.be/yVXoC-95zDk (6.2 million views)

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-nearly-deads/id427400658
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/1888media/sets/the-nearly-deads



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