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Something You WhisperSomething You Whisper is a post-hardcore/rock band from Cambridge, Ontario. The fellas are preparing to release a new EP, ‘From The Other Side’, out March 4th, produced by Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars.
This hard hitting group formulates a solid foundation of blistering tones to the Jekyll/Hyde vocals to create a perfect mix of post-hardcore, rock goodness.
Something You Whisper has toured extensively in support of their music, in 2012 alone performing 125 shows across Canada as an unsigned artist. They have shared the stage with acts like Sleeping With Sirens, We Came As Romans, Like Moths to Flames, Set It Off, Ice Nine Kills, Abandon All Ships, and The Word Alive. In 2013 SYW embarked on another Canadian tour, playing strong festival dates including select dates with Silverstein and The Wonder Years. The bands epic live show has won thousands of fans over as well as a slot on their local Warped Tour date in the summer of 2012.

The album opens with the above track, Who I’ve Become. A strong opener and really has all the dynamic elements that make a great tune. Some harmony and the way that the bass drum plays beautifully with the staccato of the guitars and the slight hint of piano through the chorus makes this an interesting multi-layered experience each with each listen.
2. Speak To Me starts out with a gentle piano intro before knocking you flat on your back when the guitar/drums hit you with a sucker punch.
3. Breathless Voice – This is a brief 1:36 ballad/interlude with echoing guitar tracks telling a story about blowing a second-chance relationship and watching them exit your life. From the lyrics also comes the title of the EP – “So I’ll stay away for now. Then you’ll see me from the other side. We live separate lives now and I know you.”
4. Dead In Fiction – This kicks the volume back to 11 and has a tiny touch of a pop chorus melody where the I See Stars influence shines through a little.
5. Anti-Conscience – Another great tune that flows with the feeling of the previous tracks with the heaviest interlude on the album. This is a great way to close the album to make you wanting more.

6. Who I’ve Become (Acoustic) – A smooth, serene alternative to the heavy thrill ride of the EP. The tune features alternative guitar parts rather than some acoustic tracks where they play the exact same parts unplugged. This version gives the track a whole new feel with running synth and reverberated tapping of the drums.

Overall a great EP from these guys.
Something You Whisper

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