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Rating: 9/10

Forming in late 2011, Far Away Stables came together as one after merging several projects involving Tim Byles (Bass), Mitchell Grace (Guitar/Vocals) and Brendan Sheargold (Vocals) and then quickly recruiting long time friends Nick Palmer (Guitar) and Cam Bury (Drums/Vocals) into the band. Finding there sound came naturally after releasing THE ART OF MADNESS and A BEGGAR’S PLEA to a huge reception.
Far Away Stables may have only just arrived on the scene but are already amassing an intense following and have been unleashing their chaotic live show supporting the likes of international acts such as Paramore (USA), The Offspring (USA), Billy Talent (CAN) and playing with local acts such as The Getaway Plan, Closure In Moscow, Hands Like Houses, Northlane, The Rubens, Heroes For Hire, and The Bride.
With a sound that has been described as alternative rock, drawing on a mesh of influences like Angels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds To Mars, Brand New, Saosin and The Getaway Plan. It’s familiar, it’s catchy, and you won’t be able to put your finger on it. The infectious sound will leave you wanting more – so have a listen for yourself.
This album has all the right pieces that intertwine with such ease. From the opening seconds of “Understanding the Depths” to the final wailing vocal scream and guitar outro of “Hellish Conditions”, this EP solidifies Far Away Stables as a force to be recognized.
“Understanding the Depths” is a brilliant introspective tour-de-force that finds Sheargold screaming out in spoken work for the outro while the chorus reaches an orchestral apex with a halftime feel.

so let’s pretend that we, let’s pretend that we understand the depths
of what’s buried in our chests
what we’ve evolved to hide behind the sternum or is it pride?
it’s a power you can’t ignore, spend a lifetime searching for
but will we ever know?

The track ends abruptly and the band has their hooks in you full-bore.
“What Are You Waiting For” takes you into a piano-riddled intro that leads you into a choral melody that will be in your head for days. It goes down smooth with a spark on the final chorus where the vocals boil over to put chills down your spine.


I got the opportunity to interview Tim Byles who handles bass guitar for the band –

Congrats on the release of ‘Atlantis’!! It’s an amazing EP.
How do you compare the mood of the ‘Atlantis’ EP to ‘Behind the Bookcase’? –
Thanks so much, we really put alot into it, so it’s fantastic to know you dig it. For us Atlantis is a big step up from Behind The Bookcase, both lyrically and musically. Behind The Bookcase was the first piece of music that I had ever attached lyrics to and was self conscience about people hearing what I was writing, but nothing was held back for Atlantis.
Can you elaborate on how the Atlantis album cover art came about? –


We were working with a designer from Chicago and we were basically just looking for something that related to the imagery of destruction and losing safety that the concept of Atlantis represents.


What’s your favorite track to play live? Is there much improvisation on the live shows?


I think What Are You Waiting For is everyone’s favourite track to play live, it starts of really big and is easy to get into straight away. Brendan, our vocalist, is always improvising something on stage that is sure to get us banned from some local venues sooner or later.


What was the first cover song that you guys remember playing live? (from your own previous bands, or when forming Far Away Stables)


The first cover song we played live was Cinema by Skrillex, we did our best to do a rock version of it, and alot of people really seemed to dig it.
Do you think that with the way the internet has changed how people find music, that it’s more difficult to find international booking agents that it was 5 years ago? – 


I was never really looking for international booking agents 5 years, but I remember when our buddies in Tonight Alive managed to get over to the states, it was a massive deal down here. We don’t have a manager, so I’ve started putting feelers out to booking agents to see if anyone would have us open a tour in the states. That’s our main goal, if we can open a US tour, we could retire happily.
If Far Away Stables were to change places with another band for one month, who would you choose and why? (during any time period, and you’ll inherit all song knowledge) –

I would love to go back to the Australian scene in the 1980’s when INXS were first starting to blow up. They played 600 shows in 2 years, just random clubs and pubs where 90% of the audience wouldn’t know who they were but people would just show up to gigs for the love of music.
Who are your musical idols? and do you think the music they produce have an influence on how you write songs? – 


As a band, musically, we literally have dozens of artists who try to emulate, everyone from 30 Seconds To Mars, to Silverchair to Metallica. My self personally am a massive Brand New and Fall Out Boy fan, and lyrically have a massive influence.
What was the best concert that you’ve ever attended? –

Brendan and myself attended The Killers in Sydney last year, it was a 2000 cap intimate venue, and was just captivated by there performance.
What’s the first album you remember owning? – 


 Americana by The Offspring, who we were lucky enough to tour with last year. All the guys signed my very first CD which was a massive deal for me.


If you weren’t in a band and not in the music industry, what would be your dream job? – 


 My dream job would be working at the CERN labs in Europe.


Shout out! Name some other unsigned bands that people should be paying attention to?  –




Thanks so much guys!


Far Away Stables faces2



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