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Bio:  Aspiring to a sound unlike any specific band or genre in the scene, LIKE MONROE hails from their hometown of Houston, Texas. With a fresh new attitude and a drive to make great music for their audience, LIKE MONROE delivers an intense filled live show. One wouldn’t guess the power in such young artists, although averaging around the age of 20, LIKE MONROE is no amateur act.
Listeners will see meaning in the passionate lyric and alternatively aggressive blend to your metal outlook. Making music well beyond their years and making it from the heart, these five southern boys have burned a hole in their scene. Pure adrenaline resonates from every live show while their lyrics speak of deeper topics, culminating in an emotional whirlwind. “Every song for us has been about growth. We feel that we are writing our most thought provoking, yet inspiring music we have ever produced and we couldn’t be more proud” asserts lead singer Ty Johnson. “Ultimately, there’s an important message at the heart of this music,” says bassist Alex Lofton. The music and the message are both delivered with impact and experience, “this is a band full of people who have fought for everything they have and a band of people who are encouraging other people to do the same,” explains the bands guitarist and singer, Wade Concienne. Expect this journey to leave a trail of friends, fans and virtual onlookers who can attest to the sincerity of their reverie as well as the generosity of their dedication to living life, NOW.


The band consists of Ty Johnson – Vocals, Wade Concienne – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Lofton – Bass, Jacob Cardinal – Drums and Chris Deckard – Guitar.

Like Monroe


I met Chris at Guitar Center, he approached me while I was playing a bass and we had talked about music and his band. I had a privilege to interview Chris about his band and what will happen down the path of Like Monroe.


First things first, how did Like Monroe come together as a band?

Like Monroe came together over a period of time, from growing up around each other, you know, going to school with each other and being in separate bands and playing shows with each other. We all continued to stay connected over the years and when the time came and we were all looking for something musically to do. It just seemed like everything happened to fall into place, just the way it was supposed to be. You know, it’s crazy that I’ve been doing this for eight years and I’ve known these guys for all eight years that I’ve been doing this. You know, some way or another, they have been in and out of my life, always pretty much in it, but maybe not directly. It just felt natural whenever things came to be the way they are now.


You guys changed your band name from Candle Lit City to Like Monroe, why did you guys do that?

It was right before I got in the band, there had been some member changes and musical difference and it didn’t make any sense to carry on another name that didn’t represent who we are now. Candle Lit City was made by two guys who are now in the band and where they were when they made that band and where we all are now, are two completely different groups of musicians. It wouldn’t be fair to call this something that it isn’t. It is new, we started over, we started over from scratch, the other guys started over from scratch. It’s a brand new band, it is a new band. It’s completely different vocally, content wise, musically, and you know, we have a purpose now, instead of just being kids in high school trying to play music in a band. Now we find like this is, this is our calling and this is what I know how to do and what I know what to do really well, this is what I do really well.


You mentioned school, did you have fans in high school when you guys started? Did you have a reputation?

Yeah, we definitely had a reputation. I, in my self in high school, I was 16 years old and I had my first tattoo, but I also played sports and I also did theatre and I also did Film Club and I stayed engaged in my friends and also balanced it out with my musical life outside of school, I was touring by the time I was 16, so there started to become this sort of idea that I thought that I was better than everybody else because the things I did outside of school and really all I tried to do was earn the acceptance of my peers at school, because that’s who I was around most of the time and I felt like they judged me and I stayed in sports and I stayed in those extra curricular activities just to fit in because I  always felt like this need to fit in where ever I was and it completely caused an identity crisis I guess. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I liked, I didn’t know if I liked it for my self or some one else told me to like it or I should like it because that’s what every one else was doing.


What is the inspiration behind writing the first full length album that you guys are coming up with?

Man, there’s so much inspiration behind this. Honestly, I’ve been waiting my whole life to put out this album. Something finally to be heard by every one and not just “a song here and song there”. In my last band, I put so much blood, sweat and tears to it and I felt like it was all for nothing because the music that we had created, it got lost in this sort of cycle that happens to young bands that are talented, but that are being pulled in so many directions that they don’t know which way is up and I wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen again with this band, you know. We took out time and we were patient and the patience paid off and now we finally get to show everybody who we really are as musicians, as people instead of just being a somebody that is on social media or Facebook, but we actually have a voice now and that we have a voice for everybody else too, that we have met along the way, as they are in our songs as well and what we’ve been through on this whole road. It’s like whenever a band gets signed, every one body things they made it and really it’s just a beginning, this is the real, real test where things get real. This is like an introduction of who we are as people, as musicians, as Like Monroe. We finally get to show everyone who we are and what we are about, just an introduction, which means there a lot more to follow.


What made you interested in playing the guitar?

I started playing guitar because I love music and I wanted to learn how to make music and I was a really bad kid growing up. I was like a problem kid, you know. I had bad discipline problems and I was always doing something wrong and got grounded a lot by my step dad and because my grandpa is BB King, it’s sort of a given that I wanted to play music, that was just always allowed. Music and Soccer was always allowed, no matter how much trouble I was in and all the times that I would get grounded, which would be a lot, I would be locked in my room with a guitar. One day I decided to tryout these things called tablature that everyone was talking about. That’s how they learned how to play. Nobody showed me how to do it and I just printed a whole bunch of papers of songs that I liked and I figured it out and I related it to the guitar, to the frets and the numbers and I figured it all out on my own and next thing I know, I think I’m playing a lot of peoples first song on the guitar, Seven Nation Army by White Stripes. I thought I was the bomb, you know and after that it took off, I started listening to music that I took interest in like  John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan. I remember the whole summer, I learned nothing but John Mayer songs like Daughters, City Love, Comfortable, Neon and that was what I was listening to. That’s what I had in my head.


You guys have been on tours a lot, will that be happening any time soon?

We will be doing a lot of touring, non stop. As soon as the full length is over and we are done recording it, we are going to support the full length and promote it as much as possible and get out our music to as many people as possible and get to all the cities and to all the people that have been asking us to come to their city, when we couldn’t really give them a reason why we weren’t coming, but to just thank them so much for being patient with us and this whole ride and so we will definitely be on the road, full force, non stop, as long as it takes man. We will be on the road playing for everybody, whoever will listen.


What was the first tour like for you?

First tour was absolutely perfect. It was Texas tour, regional dates, but Texas is so big, that we did two weeks just in Texas, you know. Man, it was like a dream, taking the road with your best friends, getting along, fellowship and learning lessons together, learning about each other and learning about your self and how it’s going to be out there  by your self, it gets kind of scary, but where I found comfort in is the kids that came out to the shows, that listened to our music, wanted to hang out with us because man, I just really wanted to hang out with them just as much or even more… you know. They made me feel like home and I never felt homesick whenever I was at a show or with friends that came out to see the shows. I call them friends, I don’t like to call them fans because I need them so much more than they need me.

So friends not fans?

Friends not fans.


So tell me, how did the fans make you feel at home?

There was just something about their earnestness and their sincerity in their voice whenever they shake your hand or I get to shake their hand or hug them. I just feel like they are like one of my friends from back home that I haven’t seen in a while. Just asking me what I’ve been up to and its awesome whenever they just pick up like we’ve been friends our whole lives. Asking me questions about whats been going on in my life because they keep up with us on social media. They see the status if were feeling bad or were feeling bound and they care enough to ask us about. You know, I got to remember that I’m always stuck in my head, worried about my self and I always think that I don’t have some one out there worrying about me and that’s not true at all, right now there’s some one out there wandering if I’m ok. That’s a really comforting thought and learning that and that’s something true and not from a fairy tale, its really, really, really, really, really comforting.


What advice would you give to a band that is starting out and hopes to make it their career?

My first advice would be, if you’re going to do it, do it, don’t half-ass it. Treat it as if it is your job, if your life depends on it and you really want to succeed. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, more than you believe in your self sometimes because with out them you can’t fall and make relationships not break relationships along the way. Meet as many people as you can, help, help, help because it might come around. Start from the bottom, know whats it like to struggle because if you never know struggle, you will never know triumph, you won’t know victory if you never fail, so embrace those moments.


So you guys wrote the song Enemy, what would you say would be your enemy?

My personal enemy would be drug addictions.





Thanks Chris for taking your time to have this interview. Hope your band does great in future and brings tons of fans with them.





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