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Introducing, THE FLIPS!!

A message from lead singer Nick Sintos:

My name is Nick Sintos. I’m the singer/guitarist/songwriter for this band.  I’m 26 years old, and this music is my life. I have the greatest fortune to have surrounded myself with four of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Together, with our powers combined, like the “Planeteers” but with more v-neck t shirts and skinny jeans, we form The Flips (website, twitter, facebook, youtube, bandcamp).
The Flips  are just a small band from Chicago. Why on earth do we deserve your attention? What makes us any more special than every other  band in this city? The truth is, I have no idea.
This record is a collection of ideas written straight from the depths of my soul. Every lyric sung, every string plucked, every bang of a drum is done in earnest with the utmost sincerity and conviction.  If you have ever been able to witness a live performance of ours, you will know that for me, it is every bit  a chance to essentially rip my heart out on the stage and leave it there for everyone to see. The honesty and the passion is what makes a Flips show so important. Our goal in making this record was to capture that same essence, so a majority of the album was tracked live. But that still wasn’t enough for us. We want this record to not just be a bunch of songs on your phone, but also an experience for the listener.  In the studio, you can record whatever idea that pops into your head. Some songs might be bare bones and feature just one guitar and one voice, while others contain that wall of sound as made famous by the great Phil Spector and many oh-so talented bands before us.
Maybe I’m partly insane. Maybe I actually believe that this band is the best rock band in Chicago right now. And maybe I’m asking the wrong questions. Why on earth does this band deserve your money? No. Why does earth deserve our band?

N,M,D,A,& J


When I first heard this band I was blown away. The dynamic and structure was so familiar yet the emotion seemed enhanced and authentic. The burning passion that Nick portrays in his vocals if equally matched with the instrumentation. Key Track: “Jawbreaker”
A Harm Deep But Shining is a spectacular debut from this Chicago band, no question. I had to get in contact with them to delve deeper into the songs and the album. I caught up with Nick for an interview:


How would you compare the process and emotion of your first EP Damn You & Damn Me, Too to A Harm Deep But Shining

The writing /recording process in Damn You was that of a very amateur band trying to figure out how to be a band. We were trying to figure out what kind of band we wanted to be. It was a lot of trial and error. For AHDBS, we knew exactly what we wanted to do and how. In terms of emotions of both records, they both come from the same place. I write all the songs, and they tend to be pretty personal.

What’s the meaning behind album title/artwork

“A Harm Deep, But Shining”. To me, that name represents my feeling about music and this project and this band. This isn’t a hobby of mine. This isn’t what I do just to make my 9 to 5 more tolerable. This is something that is ingrained in my brain and my blood. This is something that we work on painstakingly. There are moments where it almost feels excruciating, and there are moments where I’ve never felt more joy. Music/art to me is an emotional, spiritual, and physical mess right down to our core, but it is so brilliant and beautiful.

Nick Sintos - The FlipsThe story with the song G-Unit and your comment on FB “We have a song called “G-Unit”. How can anyone take is seriously?”

That was one of those working titles that just happened to stick. When it was written, it was originally in the key of G , so being a bunch of 20-something-year-olds, I started calling it “G-unit.” It was just some dumb inside joke that no one else would find clever. But as we got closer and closer to finalizing the record, and thinking of potential REAL titles, we realized that we felt very strongly about calling it G-Unit and laughing to ourselves about it. I’m not denying it’s a dumb name for a song about not being able to fit into a local music scene, but it makes me laugh!
How did Kickstarter help you and how has the rewards/special shows played out.

Kickstarter helped us pay for all of the post production of the record. It was terribly humbling and we couldn’t believe there were other people out there who believed in us as much as we did.

The rewards were pretty basic in terms of what our peers were doing, get a CD, shirt, a show or personal song.

We haven’t yet played one of those shows yet, as there is a lot of scheduling needing to take place.
Which musicians/band do you admire? Why?
We get a lot of Manchester Orchestra /Brand New references. I really do appreciate those bands and everything they do. M.O. laid out a blue print , and not just in terms of music, but as a business model, they have paved their own way and are able to support themselves and not had to conform to a certain scene or whatever and I hope to just follow in their footsteps.


What/Who got your interested in playing music/writing music?
As a kid, I was always interested in just trying to entertain people. Whether it was trying to make people laugh, or even just singing karaoke for strangers.  I am half Filipino on my dad’s side. Part of that culture involved forcing me to perform for family at parties. I played the saxophone. I remember it always being terrible and humiliating. Now that’s all I want to do is perform, so it’s really my father’s fault I’m not a doctor right now!


What song(s) -not your own- evoke the strongest memories for you?
If I hear Amazing Grace performed on the bagpipes, which I mostly tend to hear it funerals, I just break down crying like an infant.


What musician would you like to trade places with for one month?
I’d love to trade places with Kanye. He’s at a point at his career where he could literally do anything he wanted. I mean, seriously, leather jogging pants? That’s awesome!


What music did you listen to growing up? Do you remember the first CD you bought?
My mother listened to a lot of traditional Irish folk music, and I remember my father always blasting Motown around the house. I really mean blasting. He was always trying to find ways to play music as loud as possible, while my mother’s music was always very soft and pretty.
Growing up I was really into Michael Jackson. Like, obsessed. I had all his cassettes. And then that got me into Weird Al strangely enough. I loved his Michael Jackson parodies so much! And I would get all his cds. I’m not embarrassed at all by this.
The first rock cd I bought though was Americana by The Offspring.


What’s your favorite movie/book (or director/author)
Woody Allen is my favorite director, and Annie Hall is my favorite movie. Everything about that film is perfect! With so many movies under his belt, he’s definitely hit or miss, but all of his hits are classics.


Shout Out! What are some other independent bands that people should pay attention to:
Everyone should check out our friends in The 92s and also Draft Week. There is also this band from Austria that I’ve been obsessed with lately called Bilderbuch. Their latest stuff sort of reminds of the recent works of OKGO or Vampire Weekend. They have that quirky and just left of center, but insanely catchy pop rock sound. All their songs are sung in German, which is great, but it definitely hinders them from becoming huge over here in the States, sadly.



The Flips
The Flips - ampkicker.com

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