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WaterbodiesIf you didn’t catch our review of their latest album The Evil We Know – please check that out here!


I was greatly impressed by the album and I wanted to know more about these guys and unfortunately they’re was no bio of them online. I did come across an interview they did in 2010 that was filled with a bunch of witty and sarcastic responses that I found greatly amusing. (Their response to “What kind of hidden talents do you have?” was “We play instruments and some of us sing.”) So I as worried that I might get the same treatment, even though I still would have enjoyed it because I find it hilarious. But it turns out these guys were more than happy to fill out some questions for me- with actual responses.


I was able to get a hold of Mike (Vocals/Guitar) and Roxy (Bass/Vocals) and had a few things to ask:
How do you feel about the new Canadian rules which increase the fees for international bands to perform in the country? Have you seen an effect on the venues, or number of international bands that tour there? Being a band from “Canadian,” do you think that will increase your availability to these venues? 

It could potentially suck balls. It hasn’t affected anything yet but I could see it coming. I think we all know how local shows work, bigger out of town bands come, and the local bands help out with support. If these bigger US bands can’t afford to come across the border anymore then bands like us will never have the chance to play with them, its a lose-lose situation.


Tell us about the concept of the album artwork and why you chose it.


We were in Shane’s basement doing some band shit and came across this local art + lit magazine that had the image on the front cover. We thought it was sweet so we looked up who made it. Turns out it was a friend of the bands (now ex) girlfriend. She was cool with letting us use it, but now our friend goes around telling people he had sex with the girl on the cover.


What is the meaning behind the title “The Evil We Know”?  (Evil on a religious scale, evil in society, or the evil that exists in our own head?)


The name came when we were in the studio recording. We were contemplating kicking out our bassist at the time and our producer (Dean Malton) posed the question to us, “Is it better to live with the evil you know? or the evil you don’t?” And it kind of stuck with us. Long story short, we kicked him out.


This album is heavier and grittier than your previous releases. How would you describe the feel of this album compared to your previous EPs? Why the change?


It just felt like a natural progression at the time. We like to keep doing interesting stuff, and it’s just where we felt we were heading. Stock up on diapers though, the next one is going to be even heavier.


The band name ‘Waterbodies’ originated from the composition of the human body. Are the lyrics in ‘Like Sinking’  – “You’re just water, dressed in skin and bone” a slogan for the band?


I’d say it’s more of a coincidence, but it’s definitely a good slogan, good catch.


Is the track 1997 (The Wolf Of Memphis) an homage to the late Jeff Buckley?


You bet yer butt. Most people don’t pick that up.


AK:  Fun Fact – While awaiting the arrival of his band from New York, Jeff Buckley drowned during a spontaneous evening swim, fully clothed, in the Wolf River in Memphis Tennessee (which he had been swimming many times before) when he was caught in the wake of a passing boat. Buckley’s autopsy showed no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system and the death was ruled as an accidental drowning.


Which musicians do you admire? Why?


Oddly enough, most of the time we’re hanging out we listen to rap. We all listen to different stuff from one another but I think we all come from very similar roots. We all love Wayne Coyne, he’s just a dope dude who appears to do whatever he wants. love his optimistic and eccentric vibe. Definitely different. We also dig Billy Corgan, he’s a bit of a dick, but he’s super intelligent in regards to the music industry, and outlook on writing. He’s definitely someone we can learn from. On that note, we also love Henry Rollins, what a bad-ass, angry dude.

What/Who got your interested in playing music?


My uncle was the first person that showed me music that originally inspired me. But as for playing, it just kind of happened. It almost became an addiction, I just started playing one day and couldn’t stop doing it. No real reason at the time, other than it made me happy and it felt natural.


What song(s) evoke the strongest memories for you?


Up until The Evil We Know it was always me (Mike) and Shane writing the songs. This was the first time someone new (Dylan, now gone) had some say in writing with us. When we wrote “Borgata” it was the first time I actually was able to relax, and allow myself to become excited about a new collaboration within the band. So that’s probably the strongest memory for me off this album because i’m normally stubborn, and prefer writing with more like minded people (Shane/Roxy).


What musician would you like to trade places with for one month?


I’d have to say Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips front man). I follow him on Instagram and he just looks like he has the most interesting life. Like the Womb Room, have you seen that? It’s just a giant vagina, and you walk in to it, and its got legs. It’s amazing.


AK: Apparently that photo is what got him banned from instagram!


What are some other independent bands people should be paying attention to:


The Effens, they’re friggin awesome! PUP, Beliefs, Greys, there’s a bunch of great bands kickin around.


Any plans to tour the U.S.?


Eventually, we would jump at any chance to. Now that we’re down to a 3 piece we’re just getting out shit together. We like to hit the road any chance we get.

Thanks guys! I greatly look forward to hearing what’s next from the band!
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