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LO’ THERE DO I SEE MY BROTHER are a post-rock juggernaut out of Tacoma, WA. They’re releasing a 7″ entitled Of the Earth, Beneath the Sea via Backbone Collective on 10/11/2013.


These 2 tracks are a great representation of the musical prowess of the band. They have an incredible way of compressing brute force into their music, and wielding it like a blade to be unleashed, or sheathed at any given moment. There are lyrics that are dark and surreal and the instrumentation follows suit. The drums and the bass make these songs into mountains, while the guitar work and dynamic vocals create the lush terrain that builds up throughout the tracks.



“Of The Earth” start almost immediately into the lyrics of a hollow soul, lost in a dream. While the vocals only last for the first 2 minutes, the rest of the track carries just as much emotion with the band pouring out all they have into raw, blistering rock.

Lyrics for Of the Earth:

You took all the life I held in my hands, and left me shivering and alone. And when you left you looked back to me and said: ‘I hope you find what you’re looking for’. I’m in a dream. The smoke clears from my head, and you are standing right in front of me. With arms outstretched, you wrap me in a warm embrace. And hold me tight, until my legs stop kicking against your currents, so hold me tight.


“Beneath the Sea” brings forth a ‘breaking-through’ feeling of finally erupting from the confines of your mind and truly being yourself. The song’s apex at the finale feels like finally breaking the chains and becoming free and letting yourself greet the sun with open arms.

Lyrics for Beneath the Sea:

But your face on the ocean floor has been lost in my mind and in my heart. I just can’t see that far, but do I really want to? Do I want to try? I don’t really think so, no, I don’t think I do. In fear of what I might find, in fear of what you might see in me. And now the sun rises on me, would you look at the walls of this room and wonder to your self: are they keeping you together, or keeping you contained? I wish I could drift away, into the ocean of your mind. In hopes of what I might find, in hopes of what you might see in me. And now the sun rises on me, and I look at the walls of this room and wonder to myself: why do I let them keep me contained? Why do I let them keep me contained?



Lo There Do I See My Brother   Photo by Laila





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