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INDULGIST is an Alt-rock/Grunge band from Nashville TN. With 2 EPs under their belt (Foreign State in 2012 and Perspectives in 2013. Both of which you can download for free!), and now they’re ready to release their new full length record Render on September 21st.
Render is rich with all the great alternative rock and grunge textures of the 90s that the band was brought up on, yet doesn’t feel dated. Their are points throughout the songs that channel a Nirvana feel and others that sound like a new Deftones track. It’s a hard hitting album that keeps you headbanging to the very end; a solid performance that puts these Nashville boys on the rock radar of the masses. Hear for yourself –


Clint Gee – Vocals
Corey Quinlan – Guitar
Cody Guthoerl – Guitar
Brent Terebinski – Bass
Blair White – Drums
How did the band form?
Corey: 4 of us were in a previous metal band together and i had decided to start something different. Touring and playing with such good friends and musicians, i didn’t want to part ways with the guys i had played with for years. I recorded some demos and asked if everyone would be interested in starting a new band. Everyone was down but we decided we didn’t want to continue with our current drummer at the time, so i had asked a good friend/musician if he wanted to come play for the new project. Blair showed up and everything just clicked. He literally fit like a puzzle piece.


What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How does that differ from what you listen to now?
Corey: I still listen to mostly every band that i did growing up, bands like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, and Silverchair. All the newer music i listen to just sounds like modern versions of those bands, for example: Daylight, Pity Sex, Basement, and Diamond Youth. I’m also real big into female vocalists like Portishead, Bjork, Garbage, and Hole.
Clinton: Honestly, we try to play stuff now that we have liked since we were teenagers. We all grew up listening to a bunch of weird 90’s alternative stuff with and mix of punk and metal. We all have different tastes, but we all share the common ground of some moody rock.
Blair: I haven’t strayed to far from my roots either. Lots of 90’s and lots of guitar rock, everything from Boston to Nine Inch Nails. I feel like its hard to find cool new bands these days, but i’ve been fine listening to what I grew up on for the past 20 years. NOT saying that there aren’t cool bands out there cause there definitely are, but the filter just ain’t what it used to be.


Early Days: What were some of the first cover songs you played together?
Corey: We never really played whole songs but we would do various parts of Nirvana and Deftones songs.
Clinton: I just sing, so by the time the words come in their ADD has already kicked in and they are on to something else. So I guess we only play cover riffs.
What’s the story behind the concept of Perspectives?
Corey: The name really says it all. The idea is that people have different ideas, opinions, and views. The tracks were named Yours, His, Hers etc. for the purpose of looking through someone else’s eyes. Because there’s always 10 sides to one story.
How did the writing process for Render differ from the Perspectives EP?
Corey: One thing that’s different is that the EP felt like us getting our feet wet so to speak. All 10 new songs felt like they wrote themselves. I guess our vision for the album was very clear and we were all on the same page about what we wanted the full length to sound like.
Clinton: The new album is a lot more raw and straight forward. The riffs are a lot more powerful and catchy and the vocals are a lot more raw without really screaming. It is just a good snapshot of where we are all at right now.


What’s your favorite song to play live? Why?
Corey: I would have to say my favorite song to play is ‘Yours’, its just a good vibe and it was the first Indulgist song i wrote that I really loved. I’m really excited to play the new songs off the full length because i feel like they are a direct representation of what I feel, and plus the writing stepped up a bit.
Blair: Right now for me probably ‘I’m Always Right’ or ‘Disconnected’. I love playing new stuff, I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite by the time this is published.

Here’s their newly released music video for “Out Of Words” off of their upcoming album Render:

Which musicians do you admire or draw inspiration from? Why?
Corey: First off minus killing himself, Kurt Cobain was a genius. He knew how to make a good catchy rock song with the right amount of rawness. He has influenced a lot of the music I’ve written. Another inspiration is Chino Moreno from Deftones, he has always had such a distinct and moody voice over aggressive music. He always writes perfect notes over the guitar chords and the rhythms are always driving and in the pocket.
Blair: It’s pretty cliche’ to pull the Dave Grohl card on this one, but i mean that dude has been doing it right for a long while. Guys like Grohl and Trent Reznor are just on top of their craft in so many aspects, they inspire me as entertainers, musicians, writers, producers, businessmen, etc… I have alot of respect for musicians like that.
Clinton: We have a ton of influences, but my two biggest are probably Chino from Deftones and Daryl from Glassjaw. Musically anyways. If we are talking idealistically, it is a tie between Henry Rollins, Trent Reznor, and Dave Grohl. Those guys are the personification of rock and roll to me.


What is/was your current/previous day job?
Corey: I work in retail as does Clint. Brent works in a warehouse, Blair paints houses, and Cody is a cook.


Favorite things to do NOT musically related:
Corey: Everything i do is pretty much consumed by music. Cody skates pretty good, Brent and Blair play hockey.
Clint: I’m on this kick lately of cool nature spots and local food places with craft beers. Everyone but Corey and I are good at some kind of sport, but I’m really good at N64.-Blair: Backpacking, and watching Cincinnati Bengals football. #whodey
Shout out! What are some other independent bands people should be paying attention to:
Corey: A really good band from Pennsylvania called Black Cowgirl.
Clinton: There is this cool band from New Mexico called Laughing Season. Check them out! Also, my pals in The Prophet Nathan.
Blair: Look What I Did! Those guys have been at it hard for awhile, and it shows, they are super talented. Also,check out The Lower Caves, a newer local Nashville band that is putting out great music as well.



What’s your favorite book and/or movie?
Corey: I can’t just pick one favorite movie. I’ll say my top 5 are Empire Records, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Spun, I Heart Huckabees, and The Beach.
Clinton: I read a bunch of blogs and articles. Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings.
Blair: I enjoy Palahniuk and Bukowski, stuff like that. Movies are pretty cool too.
If you had front row seats to any concert (in any time) who would you see?
Corey: I would have loved to see Bad Brains in their early years, or Acid Bath during the Paegan Terrorism Tactics era.
Blair: Pink Floyd, The Wall era. Seeing Nirvana Unplugged before Kurt passed would probably have been life changing as well.
Clinton: Motorhead in the good ol’ days. Or maybe Rollins era Black Flag? Depends on what mood I’m in.

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