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Black Dirty

BLACK DIRTY is an all original four-piece indie band from Southern New Jersey. Just across the bridge is the city of Philadelphia where the band calls home. The band has one goal: to tour and share their music. All support from the sales of the debut EP, Dirty Water, as well as support from show goers will go directly towards financing future recording projects.



Two pieces. Instrumental. Oh My God Climax. Almost shredding. Wild. Cheesy layers. Rash looping. Evil patterns. Semi mosh. Catchy tappings. Messy. Sexy lads. Br00tal! Barefaced. Mickey. Ninja. Emergency. Cephalopod.Elusive. Booby hatch. Ham rotten. Homeric. Ethereal. Celurean. Dragon. Terrestrial. Epic. Gray. Méduse. Explosions. Tasty shirts. Wolves. Hibou. Opaque Ethyl. Beast. Puddles. Summoning creatures. Ship related stuffs. Peril. Bricolage. Noir. Surge. Whopping. Misty. Summing. Vultures. Seismograph. The pink lizard. Burst.


Grey Storia

Since the fall of 2009, when they first met, guitarist Paul Gemignani and drummer Daniel Hogans have been jamming together in garages and bedrooms. After much of their jam sessions started to become more drawn out instrumental pieces than anything else, Paul and Hogans started slowly constructing original compositions. Then after the encouragement of family and friends, they decided to lay down some of their original tracks in the Spring of 2011 at Bandwagon Studios – cutting 3 live demo songs under the band name, theLakeSuperior. After having warm feedback and positive comments about the 3 songs, they decided to move forward as a band, working on more material and playing when they could.


Then in the Fall of 2012 they took on the task themselves, under the bands new and official name GREY STORIA, of recording, mixing and mastering their first Album EP, MARTONIC. Officially releasing it under the bands own label – 14 Tower Records.





Méon is the ambient/post-rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Adi Lincoln. Méon originally began in 2012 as an experiment after growing tired of being involved in bands unwilling to do different things. After releasing a few single tracks it became a fixed project and so writing and recording began on what became the first release named ‘Soundless Days’.
‘Soundless Days’ was made as an abstract concept album, attempting to captivate all escaped noise and beautiful ambiance escaping our ears in our day to day life. Combining layers of synths, echoed guitars and occasional sparse percussion to create soundscapes that are heavily evocative of winter months. Méon is currently writing music for a second release later in the year.
Méons debut LP is an abstract concept album trying to captivate all escaped noise, emotion and beautiful ambiance escaping our ears in our day to day life.

Keep your ears open.

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