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Rating: 8/10


For Fans Of: Story of the Year, Breaking Benjamin, Thrice



Formed in Staten Island, New York in the summer of 2010, Four Nights Gone set out to start a name for themselves. After writing tirelessly they released their debut EP Crash and Burn digitally January 20th 2012. Honing and improving their live performance, over the next year they began expanding and branching out of their hometown of Staten Island, NY.
After some D.I.Y touring to start off 2013, Four Nights Gone returned the studio with producer Mike Watts (Story of the Year, Hopesfall, The Dear Hunter) at Vudu Studios to record their sophomore release, Resilience. Made up of the band’s five strongest tracks to date, and was released June 11th 2013.


AmpKicker got a chance to talk to lead guitarist Imran Xhelili:
You guy have just finished up your June tour dates. How has the live response been to the Resilience EP?
It’s been pretty good. Our CD release show in our hometown of Staten Island was a packed show and it was a good send off for the rest of the tour. We’ve stepped up our live show a lot since touring in support of Crash and Burn and it just gives the crowd more energy.
Can you tell us some memorable experiences from the road?
We definitely have some interesting stories, some not so interview appropriate. We locked our keys into our van in Baltimore and we had to break into our own van to get them out just two days into the tour (laughs). We met so many interesting people and I think that’s one of the best parts of touring, the fact that you get to meet people from all these different places.
How would you describe the differences between this album and ‘Crash and Burn’?
I think on Resilience we were more experienced song writers and tried to push our sound a little more. The production quality’s definitely a lot better since we were working on more of a budget for Crash and Burn.
The album was produced Mike Watts (Story of the Year, Adelita’s Way, Hopesfall) How did you get connected to him? How much of a difference did that make on the final tracks compared to before you went into the studio?
We found Mike through some of the bands he had worked with and began talking to him. Having Mike produce our tracks definitely made a difference and it showed us a lot as musicians. He’s been doing this for so long and helps bands to get a good outside perspective of their music and really push the music forward.
What is the meaning behind the title and song ‘J.Buck’?
It’s named after Jordan Buckley of band Every Time I Die
There was talk about a music video for The Scars Remain. How is that coming along?
It’s almost finished! It’s been in development for a while now, but we’ll have it out soon enough.
There’s also been talk about acoustic versions? Will there be acoustic versions of the songs recorded/released?
We’ve been playing a few acoustic shows of the Resilience songs. Expect an acoustic EP to be released later this year.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
It really goes back and forth. Guitar wise I take a lot of influence from Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin and Circa Survive. Lately i’ve been really into the latest Bring Me The Horizon album so I pull ideas from everywhere.
What is your first musical memory? (first album bought, first band you got into, stuff your parents played for you)
The first band I got into was Linkin Park with Meteora way back when. I still listen to that album, that’s definitely what got me into “rock’ music.
When did you decide to start playing an instrument (or becoming a vocalist) and why?
I started playing guitar when I was 13, right when the whole Guitar Hero craze was going on. Like many others, it made me want to pick up a real guitar and actually learn music.
Shout out: What are some other bands people should be keeping an eye on?
She Said Fire, Chasing Thrill and In Your Memory are all our good friends in up and coming bands right now. They all just released new music recently and have big things coming for them. Check them out!
What’s next for Four Nights Gone?
We’ve got some more shows and festivals lined up for the rest of the summer, then it’s back to writing. We’ll also be releasing an acoustic EP later in the year.  Next up for us is going back to the studio for a full length album when we’re ready and more touring behind that.
Thanks so much Imran! We can’t wait o hear more from Four Nights Gone!
FourNightsGone2 FourNightsGone

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