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“There are lot of lazy tags placed on instrumental music these days; post-pre-epic-math-dronepop-doomgaze-clownshoes-forfansof etc, etc, etc. I like to think of Cavallo as “train-of-thought” rock. Their sonic collaborations have a heaviness & catchyness, with enough parts and movements to impress with their ability, though it’s the organic way all these ideas flow together and evolve that impresses me. We almost never know how we got from point A to point B or that we were even on a journey with such a wide scope of vision, that is until the song ends and we practically snap out of it. Above all else, it rocks… for fans of music.” – Peter W. – Bushwick Walkabout contest winner.


Cavallo, the Brooklyn based, instrumental outfit came onto the scene in 2010. During their three year span, they’ve covered much terrain. Starting as a four piece, and with a different drummer, they recorded a demo and two singles: the sprawling “Diamondwhitesnake,” and the enchanting, chant sampled, “Kali”. Getting a new drummer, but before losing their guitarist, and scaling down to a three piece, they were able to lay down two more songs “Sleep With Wires // Almost Colossus” recorded and mixed by Joel Hamilton (Dub Trio, Book of Knots, A Storm of Light, etc). Full of two part guitar harmonies, and loops, it was the muscle of the rhythm section that propelled the tracks into mammoth expansions. Heavy on lustrous silver metallic chords, they never forgot to explore the acres of post rock and prog. The band continue to expand on these ideas. Their live shows are chaotic, and lush all at once. A horse has the potential to hear 360 degrees, without moving its head, and this band stay true to its name. They work hard, filling up space with endless loops, riffs, and rhythm. Never meandering, the songs take you on a journey. Cavallo is for those who want to lose themselves in sound.


You can download the tracks free on our bandcamp site: www.cavallo.bandcamp.com


AmpKicker got an opportunity to interview Jeff Arancherry and Kyle Hussa-Lietz of the band:

What brought all the members together to form the band?


Kyle:  This is really the 3rd version of Cavallo.  Surprisingly, Jeff and I met on Craigslist, not in the casual encounters though.  We hit it off really well and played out for a while with a different drummer and a 2nd guitarist. When our first drummer left, my brother in law Mike joined up. We wrote 2 new songs and recorded our first 7″.  Soon after releasing it, our other guitarist left. After some time discussing what to do next, we decided to continue on as a 3 piece. We’ve been exploring that for the last few months and getting ready to make a real push with our new material.

What’s the meaning behind the band name ‘Cavallo’?


Kyle: Our original drummer had suggested “Mare” at one point.  We liked the horse idea but since that name was taken, we looked up some synonyms.  Cavallo is actually the Italian word for horse, and it just sounds cool.


Where do you see the post-rock scene going over the next 5 years?


Jeff:  Kanye West is gonna do a post rock album. We will hear of even more genres with the prefix “post.” Post-pop, Post-hop, post-step.  The average length of all songs will exceed 8 minutes.  The scene is pretty resilient.  It’s full of ridiculously talented musicians that make music because they want, not because it earns them a living.  I don’t see the scene growing, but the concept of growth is grossly overrated by society.


Kyle:  I think the “scene” is so vague, since instrumental bands can sound so vastly different.  That said, I feel a lot of instrumental bands are really into helping each other out, which is amazing.  Probably because they know how much of a pain in the ass it is to get people to listen to you.


Which musicians do you admire? Why?

Jeff:  King Crimson, Funkadelic, Meshuggah, Herbie Hancock, Emperor, Cornelius, Tortoise, Squarepusher, Prefuse 73, Stanley Clarke — They each had a unique approach to creation and performance. In some way they completely changed the way that we listen to/experience music.  Evidently this is true for many others, as many new genres have sprouted up as result of the works of these artists.

Kyle:  I agree with Jeff’s reasoning and I’ll add to the list some of my favorites that really influenced me as a musician (not necessarily playing wise).  Oxbow, Nick Cave, Swans, Low, Tool, Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Portishead, Massive Attack (pre-2000s), Godspeed…


What are some of bands you listen to for inspiration and how does that come through on the final tracks?


Jeff:  Hopefully it’s such hodgepodge of influences that there is no majorly discernible influences that come through in the final tracks.  We used to be hyper aware of “things that sound like this or that” and tried our best to avoid comparison to other bands, but that hinders the creative process.  Our focus now is to make music that the three of us enjoy.


Kyle:  I feel the three of us have such a wide variety of stuff we listen to that there’s a little bit of everything thrown in.  To Jeff point, our newer stuff that’s not recorded yet really pushes some things that maybe we wouldn’t have tried before because we were too self conscious to try certain things.  Mike joining was really exciting because he came from a background of playing in faster punk bands.  That brought a lot more urgency to our songs than we had before.


If you were to piece together a supergroup – who would you pick for vocals, guitar, bass, drums. (Alive or dead)


Kyle:  I’m terrible at this but it appears Jeff gave it some serious thought.


Jeff:  Jesus – electronics/backup dancer  / Krishnamurti – Vocals / Satan – Drums / Buddha – Bass / Lil Wayne – Guitar

What’s next for you?


Kyle:  We’re still really just starting out as a 3 piece, so we’re writing all new material that we hope to record sometime this Fall.  We’re playing a few shows this summer, including a short tour out West for the first time.


July 5th – Chicago, IL @ Swerp Mansion (w/ Victor Villarreal)
July 6th – Canton, OH @ The Auricle (w/ Time Columns)
July 7th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Evolver Tattoo Arts
July 18th – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus (w/ East of the Wall)
August 16th – New York, NY @ Lit Lounge


Thank you Cavallo!!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cavalloband
Bandcamp: http://cavallo.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/3CcJjDB1sZH1Xe0x1dNEi1
Tumblr: http://cavalloband.tumblr.com/
German distro: http://kapitaen-platte.de/?wpsc-product=cavallo-sleep-with-wires-7


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