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Inherit The Stars



For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, Funeral For A  Friend, Fightstar, Chiodos


Inherit The Stars are:

Daniel Jeffery (Vocals)

Theo Egginton (Guitar)

Chris Brayshaw (Guitar)

Lewis Wild (Bass)

Jake O’Neill (Drums)


Bio: Breaking out onto the music scene with a style that’s completely their own, Sheffield (UK) born and bred quartet Inherit The Stars are an explosion of sound that should not be missed. With all four members already being well-aquainted with the stage, their live shows ooze energy, creating an impressive gigging experience.
As one of the most exciting young rock acts to emerge from Britain this year, Inherit The Stars are most recognizable for their powerful & explosive riffs, lulling string arrangements, adrenaline-filled synth lines and anthemic choruses. They furse elements of metalcore, pop punk, post-hardcore and alternative rock into their own distinctive voice. Their debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies‘ (Ambicon Records) was produced by Jim Pinder at Treehouse Studios (Rise To Remain, While She Sleeps, Fightstar) and has garnered praise from both press and radio worldwide.
Intent on making their mark on music history, impressive and innovative things can be expected from this young band, who dare to deliver music with a message.
This is only just the beginning of Inherit The Stars.


Follow Inherit The Stars www.facebook.com/inheritthestarsofficial and www.twitter.com/inheritofficial


Free Track “Citizens Of Earth” –  inheritthestars.bandcamp.com


Review: This album has all the elements of a great hard-rock album, with elements of hardcore/screamo glued together with strings and piano arrangements. We Were Made To Walk The Skies  is chock full of rapid fire double bass drum, ripping guitar riffs and hook-filled chorus.  The album is a good mix vocally of screamo and hard-rock harmonies and lulls in dynamic to make the songs well worth listening to all the way through. The strings add a touch of elegance and bring the whole thing together nicely.
“Facing the Fire” is a drastic turn from the screamo of “Citizens Of Earth” and focuses more on clean singing and harmonizing. “Through the Fallout” is a great ascending ride highlighting the delicacy of the string section throughout. “Here At the Edge” has phasers set for ‘rip-your-guts-out’ with it’s guttural screams and giant stomping rhythms. It’s an album best played at full volume.


Key Tracks:  “If We Fall, We Fall Together, “Caught In The Crossfire”, “Here At The Edge”


The video for “Citizens of Earth” broadcasts part one of their apocalyptic Orbis Trilogy of video singles to be available over coming months:

Inherit The Stars




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