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For Fans Of: Earshot, Corey Taylor, Nick DrakeRay Lamontagne, Ryan Adams
BUY DIRECT FROM THE ARTIST! thewilmartinproject.com

I have been an Earshot fan since their debut album Letting Go was released in 2002. I loved the smoky-yet-smooth aggro sound of vocalist Wil Martin. I kept a close eye on the band and followed them through their other releases Two in 2004 and The Silver Lining in 2008. Eventually Earshot hit a plateau and Wil felt uninspired and frustrated with song ideas. He decided to “cleanse his palette” and connect with his days before Earshot for some creativity. What has evolved from that re-discovery of himself is what you see here. The Wil Martin Project. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s true. No gimmicks or forced ideas, this is authentic.


Dubbed “the prequel project” of singer / songwriter Wil Martin, vocalist and front man of acclaimed modern rock band, Earshot, The Wil Martin Project is a moody blend of folk, rock, and Americana styles of music. With a simple and quiet formative musical approach throughout each song, paired together with Martin’s emotionally powerful, yet distinctive voice and brand of melodic, thought provoking, and highly relatable lyrics, Outlier: Volume One is a bare bones by design acoustic E.P. that speaks to perspective, introspective thought,and self reflection.


1.an outsider: someone who stands apart from others of his or her group, as by differing actions
2.a nonconformist: maverick, original, eccentric. a separate part of a system, or organization

Songs are both flashes of inspiration and thoughts that come slowly, quietly at first. They’re fleeting moments. Always moving. The duality of myself as an artist is that often my ideas manifest into the loud, crushing rock anthems that many have come to know and appreciate … or, they manifest into something barely more audible than a whisper, connecting with what’s deeper, below the surface.
Artistically, this project is the prequel to what’s been an amazing sequel for me in my musical career as a “rock” vocalist. I felt the need to go back to the beginning where it all started, back to my roots. I wanted to get back to creating my own personal brew of music reminiscent of a style I’ve always found to be so profoundly simple, yet cerebral and incredibly powerful. Every song I write is a story of a personal journey or expression, documented in song.
– Wil Martin


I couldn’t have said it any better; “profoundly simple, yet cerebral and incredibly powerful.” The album is the sound of Wil Martin at the core. It’s overflowing with unwavering honesty. The songs are raw and primarily only feature Wil and an acoustic guitar. From what it lacks in the heavy hitting rock sound of Earshot it makes up for in emotion and purity. This is a project of songs that are alive inside of everyone and now someone has finally brought them to fruition.

The album starts off with the quiet and somber tune, “True Friends.” This tune embodies the Outlier mentality with the deep lyrics and soft tempo. The song talks about being misunderstood ridiculed and needing a strong support system of people who understand you and like you for who you really are. “And all the bullshit people talk/ It seems to never end/ In times like these I reach out to my close, and true friends.”  I had initially approached Wil for a track-by-track breakdown of his meaning behind the songs but he declined and, like most songwriters, wished the interpretation to be left up to the listener.


My favorite track off the album is, “These Lies,” with that smoky harmony on chorus and sung with a little bit of an edge. It’s what I admire most about Wil: his versatility to be delicate yet furious when singing.


This is a great bare-bones EP from this hard rocking vocalist that exposes his true vocal talent and heartfelt passion for the art of music. It’s truly a delight to listen to and shines a somber flare for those fans of the acoustic singer-songwriters.










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