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Lo-Pro - Disintegration EffectRATING: 9.5/10


For Fans Of: Ultraspank, Sevendust, Deftones, Spineshank


This is the Lo-Pro album we’ve all been waiting for. It’s gritty, it’s brutal and is a return to vocalist Pete Murray and guitarist Neil Godfrey’s  industrial-metal ‘Ultraspank‘ roots. It comes with a message and the power to open your eyes to how our society is destroying itself. Murray is at his peak and screams the hell out of this album. The thickness of Godfrey’s guitar surrounds you and makes those speakers shake, and the drums are like a stampede through your eardrums. Each track comes at you full bore and slaps that shitty grin right off your face. I can’t say enough good things about it and the Lo-Pro guys. This album is amazing!


This album has set the bar for all others to follow. Any fan of hard rock/metal needs to play through this album immediately.


Background:Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey have been such an amazing team together and I’ve idolized them both for all the work they’ve done over the years. They made their major label debut in the late 90’s with Ultraspank, a metal/industrial project out of Santa Barbara, California. Ultraspank released a self-titled album in 1998, and a follow-up, Progress, in 2000 on Epic Records. Due to poor album sales they were dropped from the label and the band parted ways in 2001. Murray and Godfrey returned as Lo-pro in 2004, attracting the attention of Staind frontman Aaron Lewis who signed them to his newly formed label “413 Records” care of Geffen Records. The band ran into the same major label rut with their debut self titled album in 2003 yet later independently released the much acclaimed “The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge” in 2010. “Disintegration Effect” marks a clear return to Murray and Godfrey’s heavy, industrial roots.


It was a great honor that I got the chance to interview Pete about the new album:


Welcome! I will have to say that I’ve been listening to this album non-stop and I absolutely love it. I think it’s fucking amazing. I’ve been following Pete and Neil since the ATV Offroad Fury soundtrack through Ultraspank, to Lo-Pro and Life on Planet 9. I have to say this album is absolutely great. But enough kissing ass –
Let’s do a quick intro – Name, role in the band.
Pete Murray, lead vocalist of the rock group Lo-Pro


You guys really turned up the fire to full blast compared to the previous albums, and almost going back to the Ultraspank level of fury and energy. Songs like “Wasteland,” “Soulless,” “Dig In.” (which immediately brought me back to 2000’s Progress) How do you feel about fans comparing it to Ultraspank (in a good way)?
Apparently I still had some things to get off my chest. It’s all good. We didn’t really plan on making a heavier record but it rolled out that way so we didn’t fight it. We knew that our friends from the Ultraspank days wouldn’t be bummed.

How has the band’s mindset changed since writing “The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge?”
At this point we just make music for fun with no attachment to the outcome. I mean that. BSoR was easy to write but there was still a little of that “we could still make something happen business wise” mentality. I’d be ecstatic if Disintegration Effect blew up but it’s all good either way. I’ll keep making music regardless of whether anyone listens to it or not.


There’s a theme on the album that we’re turning our society into soulless robotic machines who are creating our own demise, and the songs tell of a story of resistance. (or I could have got it wrong) What’s the meaning behind the title of the album ‘Disintegration Effect’ and the artwork?
You nailed it! We actually started writing songs when we were asked if we’d be open to writing the score for a post apocalyptic cyborg type movie. It was a long shot but we thought we’d better write some tunes just in case. Writing with a theme was totally liberating for me and I’m also fascinated and horrified by our addiction to technology. (That’s coming from a total tech head by the way.) Lately I’ve started setting some parameters though. Next time you’re in a restaurant, look around at how many husband and wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or friends are on their phones looking at Facebook instead of enjoying each other’s company. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I could pontificate for hours. I’ve been dreaming of tossing my cell phone in the toilet one of these days – but not yet…


“Obedience” struck me the first time I listened to it. The opening swell combined with the throat singing and the opening line “Freedom is dead.” Would you say this track epitomizes the album’s theme? How does this track fit into the message of the album?
It absolutely does. The first tracks we wrote were Soulless and Wasteland, the third was Obedience, followed by We Are The Ones. There’s a timeline progression there. Obedience is about defeat. The humans have lost the war and are now slaves to the machines. Wait, am I talking about a movie or our lives today. I’m confused.


How was the production/mixing done on the album? Was it all done by the band or was there someone you were working with?
I handled all the production for the album. Not tooting my own horn, but that’s the deal. There are so many producers I’d still love to work with but that shit costs way too much money. Bottom line is I love to do it.


Tell us a little bit about the experience you had working on the Battlefield of the Mind soundtrack. Did those songs/that experience have any influence on the songs you had written for Disintegration Effect.
I’m really proud of that project and it was an honor to be a part of it. It’s a really important film and Fran Strine is the man for taking it on. Working with Mike Mushok, Sal, Troy and David was icing on the cake. I’ve been fans of all of theirs for years and the songs flowed real easy.


Is there one song on the album that you’re particularly attached to?
I’m really proud of the whole record but “We Are The Ones” is my favorite. I love the lyrics and melodies on that one. Plus I got to throw in some dub step. Lookout!

You guys HAVE to go on tour for this album! Are there plans in the works? Headlining tour? Please!?

It’s tough man. Touring is expensive and we’re all scattered around the country embedded deeply in our lives. We’re always working on it but we’ll see. You all need to spread the word!
Are there plans to release physical copies of the album? Where could people get a copy of the lyrics/liner notes?
We have them available on CDBaby.com but we sold out instantly. We’re working on getting more up. I like that people still like to have the physical medium. Kickstarter to print vinyl? We’ll get the lyrics up on lopromusic.com
What are some of your favorite bands you are currently listening to?
I just saw Sigur Ros live in Santa Barbara – definitely one of my go to bands. I also love M83, Underworld, Celtic Frost and Eye Empire.
Favorite things to do NOT musically related?
Yoga, surfing, beer drinking
Thanks again Pete!!!

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