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RATING – 8.5/10acaganpr_Cover_13

For Fans Of: Egypt Central, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust


DEVOUR THE DAY (@devourtheday) was born from the brain trust of former Egypt Central members Joey “Chicago” Walser (bass, backing vocals, songwriter) and Blake Allison, who steps out from behind the drum kit to sing lead vocals and play guitar, in addition to being a producer and co-songwriter.
During Egypt Central’s hiatus in 2012, the duo wrote and recorded the first batch of demos at Walser’s home in Little Rock, AR which would eventually turn into TIME & PRESSURE.  They put the finishing touches on the album at Sound Kitchen studio in Nashville.
“It was empowering to discover what Joey and I were capable of on our own,” Allison declares.  “We did all the tracking in Joey’s living room and put ourselves in a great position prior to entering the studio.  Once we were there, we focused primarily on adding the layers necessary to bring our music to a new level.”

This is a brutally good record. There are moments where it beats the daylights out of you, and moments that allow you to catch your breath. Check out a couple singles “Good Man” and “Oath“:



The album opens up with “Respect” (video link). A pulse-quickening, in-your-face track for all those two-faced frauds and fakes. “Respect/ You don’t deserve it/ You won’t get any from me unless you earn it/ Respect/ You’re not worth it/ I’ll never be like you.” It’s the ultimate F-You anthem.


Track 2 is the album’s first single Good Man. This was the first track that I heard a few months ago and I was hooked on the balance of melody and brutality. Check out the lyric video above and you’ll know what I mean.


There are many highlights to the album and the most of it is pure frenzied rock. Melodies over the blistering screams make for a filling recipe for any rock music fan. The structure of the songs carry enough variety to keep you interested track-to-track. There are some electronic elements intertwined in the mix and the overall album brings in enough different elements you’ll have to listen to it over and over. It’s an album that rejects the ‘every song sounds the same’ curse and takes the listener through an engaging series of highs and lows. These 2 guys have put together something pretty damn brilliant.


Besides an overall solid hard-rock record, there were other highlights and slower songs to cool you off. The opening to Get Out Of My Way takes you into a tailspin of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song for a second before it clocks you in face with chorus melody.  Crossroads is a light-tempo track with a steady beat and leads you to look toward the future. Finally, The Drifter, an acoustic ballad about the road-weary traveler which takes you into a nice calming descent from the frenzy of the album.



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