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Un-Reason is an Alternative / Post Punk / Industrial group from Savona, Italy.
Elio Isaia – voice, guitars
Giorgio Bormida – bass, guitars and piano
Jon Griffin – guitars
Lorenzo Bartolini – drums
Jan Maio – synths, virtual orchestra and guitars


Sounds Like: Killing Joke, The God Machine, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle

Lets get to know the band, shall we!
1. How did all the members of the band meet and start playing music together?

We’ve known each other for years and cooperated on and off in several projects. This time however we had a strong sense of direction. We all had some lingering material but we realized it all sounded like it belonged to the same place. It’s crazy how easy it’s been to come up with what you could call the Un-Reason Sound, we exchanged files at the beginning and already then it felt like shooting an arrow straight in its target. The first real band practices felt like wearing a perfect glove. Chemistry is high, when we play live it feels almost sexual.


2. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Our major influences are N.I.N., Perfect Circle and Killing Joke. We were blown away when we managed to raise the interest of Reza Udhin (Killing Joke, Inertia) for the mastering, its really great. But it goes further, the drums on the track “Open” have been recorded by Martin Atkins. (P.I.L., Killing Joke, Pigface….). You can only imagine what it feels like having someone you admire play for you out of interest in your work, its sublime.


3. What does the name of the band mean to you?

The times we live in are awkward. We should be cultivated, passionate and reasonable, instead we just keep on moving forward technologically, we create metropolitan environments and life styles that proved being anti-human and totally unreasonable; And yet we move on, we endure this shit, to our obvious self-destruction. We live in an age where economy and its products are more important than the consumer. We totally forgot that the consumer is us, the people, us humans and our life becomes duller and less significant a damn nightmare if you ask me. We use more resources than are available and pollute more than we can stand. It is totally unreasonable… Unreason.


4. What’s your favorite song on the album to play?

“Twisted metal” is possibly the track that I like the most. The synchronicity between lyrics and music is just perfect to me.






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