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Rating: 8/10


The Material, comprised of Colleen D’Agostino (Vocals), Jon Moreaux (Guitar), Roi Elam (Guitar), Kevin Pintado (Drums) and Jordan Meckley (Bass), has just released their second full-length album, Everything I Want To Say. The record was produced by Kyle Black (Paramore, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low) and created via funding from a successful Indiegogo campaign.


Chances are if you’ve ever played the video game Rock Band you have already heard this group. Their song, “Moving to Seattle,” (from their 2007 EP Tomorrow ) was featured in the game’s downloadable MTV2 Track Pack in 2008, and served as the introduction to the band for this music lover. I was drawn in by the emotion and precious fury of singer Colleen D’Agostino throughout the chorus of the song, but it was the layered instrumentation that really caught my attention. I was hooked, and consequently have followed the band ever since.


Everything I Want To Say is the band’s best work yet. It’s raw, gritty, heavy, turns up the pressure, and is executed with such a great balance of pop-melody and filthy-crunchiness that you won’t feel embarrassed to bang your head to it. Most of all you can sense that the band has grown more confident with their sound. They really love what they do, and it makes the record more enjoyable with every listen.


About the new album, front woman, Colleen D’Agostino, says:

“‘Everything I Want To Say,’ is a collection of thoughts and memories over the past two years. Although it shows a much more raw and personal side of The Material, my hope is that it will be relatable to anyone who has ever experienced the love, loss, inspiration and desperation described in my lyrics. This album is a journey through our growth as a band over the years, and in my mind, is a more real rock take on anything we have ever done. New sounds aside, the album still echoes back to what we have always been about as a band – sharing the sometimes harsh realities with our listeners, but always with a silver lining.”


There are many points on the record that highlight The Material’s potential. The opening track, “Life Vest,” is a roller coaster of serenity and ferocity. Colleen’s power-house of a voice hits you on the chorus and doesn’t let up from that point onward. Check out the lyric video:


The album proceeds to,  “Born To Make A Sound,” which is a pure rock tune. It starts with the pulse-pounding intro, then surges into a ‘carpe-diem’ type anthem about going against the flow and unleashing the fire inside to let yourself shine.

The album effectively embodies the confessional theme of its title. Songs like, “Tonight I’m Letting Go,” describe running away from a bad relationship where you’re not given a chance to breathe and have, “no room to grow.” “Bottles,” is a confrontational song about shaking the pattern of self-destruction and picking up the pieces. “Gasoline,” describes the love/hate juggling act of relationships with lyrics like, “You’re the air that I breathe, and the reason I choke.” The tune, “Love Me or Leave Me,” is a song about being with someone who loves you for you, and not having to act like someone else to win their affection.


It’s an emotionally personal and powerful record, but all in all it rocks with the best of them. Well done.








Here’s the band playing “Born To Make A Sound” and “Life Vest” acoustic at SXSW this year.

The Material

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