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AutomechanicIt’s hard to pinpoint where exactly Jenny O resides within the indie music totem pole. The New York native (now Los Angeles-based) artist dropped her infamous debut EP, Home, back in 2011. From out of nowhere its singles (the witty, kind-of-folky, kind-of-poppy, “Well Ok Honey,” and acoustic gem, “Won’t Let You Leave,”) appeared on the Rocksmith video game and mainstream commercials, respectively. Suddenly, Jenny’s soulful voice and catchy guitar picks would blaze into the, “This sounds familiar. I like it,” category. However, you wouldn’t see her name that often on headlining tours, blogs, zines, and festival posters. Until now.
Fast track to this February and, with the help of searing alt-country rocker Jonathan Wilson and company, Jenny O unleashes her full length debut: the genre-hopping, silky-smooth, Automechanic.
One cover-to-cover listen of the record will give you a zigzagging musical experience that showcases Jenny’s incredible versatility in creating songs so different from one another genre-wise. “Automechanic,” the album’s first and title-track, showcases an epic desert country tune with a lot of melting twangs. It’s a song that invokes the image of a grainy, retro-California love story between a journeyman trading their music for gasoline and the singer who blissfully adopts the lifestyle.


“Lazy Jane,” and, “Come Get Me,” suddenly erupt next with some slow, rhythm-heavy songs akin to modern R&B for their sleek, catchy melodies. “Learned My Lessons,” and my personal favorite, “Dope Van Gogh,” will thrust you back into more of the easy-listening, singer-songwriter stuff you’re just dying to know the chords to.
Just when you’re getting used to swaying your head ever so sweetly to Jenny’s tunes, in comes, “Good Love.” It’s the most high-energy tune on the record, containing a lot of heavy electric riffs that circle and compliment Jenny’s still, soft, whispering voice. It’s another track that certainly carries the narrator’s love-gained and love-lost story from the first track while wrapping it in a danceable, soulful, almost disco song. It’s also where the influence of alt-country musician Jonathan Wilson, who produced the album, is most evident.
Automechanic shows Jenny O’s intense flexibility in both her voice and her songwriting. For the rest of the very diverse musical world this means there’s at least one song here you’ll love, while giving a very familiar and fluid transition when you move on to Jenny’s others. With a knack for writing songs in any genre, an expressively good voice, and the dashing looks of Patti Smith, the rising Jenny O is finally here and here to stay.
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