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Previously, when asked if I enjoy hockey I have had a ready-made response: I’m an avowed fan of the sport- a Kings fan in my youth, and a Coyotes kinda cat once they became the home-state hockey franchise. With that said, when the question was posed to me recently it took on an entirely new facet…
It was at that moment I was introduced to Hockey / The Band. That’s right, folks, a band… named Hockey. I assure you, they do not play languid polka regarding the pass-time of Zamboni riding. Hockey / The Band is a bass and beat band with an entrancing 80’s synth-pop sound. The duo of Ben Wyeth and Jerm classify themselves as New Wave / Soul, and you can certainly see where the descriptor is applicable. For those of us who were raised in the realm of swelling synths and Aqua-Net, their music is a major slap to the Flux Capacitor that effortlessly transports you to the time of big hooks and bigger hair. The elements of modernity that bleed through blend so seamlessly that you’ll attribute the work to artists of the era who happened to possess exceptional ingenuity for the time.
In preparation for an album release this spring, the band is offering a free download of the single, “Defeat on the Double Bass Line,” through their SoundCloud account right now. If I’ve put a significant splinter in your brain or you simply want to test the veracity of my claims, swing on by the page and have yourself a listen. I assure you, the track is well worth a little exploration time.


You can also swing by and show the band some support on their various pages below. I’ve noted a few other downloads they’re sharing exclusively with their social-media followers, so keep a keen-eye trained on their page for future goodies!


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