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CINEMASLEEPFor Fans Of: Emery, Saosin, Sent By Ravens, Circa Survive
Cinema Sleep is a 5 piece hard rock band out of Cincinatti Ohio. The band had originally released the material contained on the Make Your Way EP independently in March of last year, but unfortunately had to remove it from the digital marketplace due to a label signing with Cleveland, Ohio’s Standby Records. The band is finally able to re-release the EP through the label, officially making it available on iTunes and the various other electronic outlets.

This powerhouse of an EP is ear-candy for rock fans of any style. It contains all the elements you would expect (plenty of distortion, driving double-bass, wicked guitar solos) but is executed with an elegant flair.
The album opens up with “The Response,” which brings to mind some Emery elements. As the video portrays, the track is the floor-filler go-to song to get a crowd going. It’s an excellent choice to use to kick off the EP.

What makes these guys different is that Cinema Sleep produce intertwining layers of spectral guitar sounds to defeat the mundane power chords that bore a listener. If you listen closely on “Through This House,” you’ll hear a subdued arpeggiated plucking that lends a sense of maturity to the band. They’re not out just to give you a jolt of ‘rock-rage:’ they also want to make you listen carefully and slowly unwrap the layers of the song. It’s something that I greatly admire and is what instantly caught my attention with these guys.
“Take Me Home,” is the tamest of the EP’s tracks, possessing more of a modern-rock radio vibe that would fill in the gaps between your Breaking Benjamin’s and Seether’s. It really doesn’t compare to the energy of the other tracks.
“Light To Shadows,” is a Carpe Diem declaration to the world with the lyrics, “I’m done living in shadows/ and letting others speak my mind/ I’ll take control of writing my future/ composing moments line by line.” Another solid tune all-around.
“In Dreams,” is like a playground of sounds. The first 5 seconds snap you up with a running string synth and then slam you face first to the pavement. Later the songs showcases the harder side but is softened somewhat by three-part harmony. The bridge further kicks with more amazing harmonies and electronic pieces. This is by-far the standout track on the album.


The more I listen to this EP, the more I love it. I find myself turning it up just a bit louder with every repetitive spin.
The band is in the process working on a full length album slated for release in early June.

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