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A few years back Lenny Kravitz, acting as his generations’ equivalent to Nietzsche, declared in song that, “Rock and Roll is Dead…” While he may not have intended the statement to translate literally, the phrase’s validity is definitely bolstered by the current discordant and chaotic state of the music industry. Current efforts by record companies feel akin to an architect blindly attempting to fortify a structure while the ground gives way beneath him.
Music, as a business, is suffering an unprecedented market saturation of new material as technology continues to allow independent artists to cheaply create a product that rivals the quality of professionally engineered albums. Combine this with the common practice of bit-torrenting, file-sharing and general listener malaise and you wind up with a business model that is hemorrhaging money.
The best way to distinguish oneself as an artist in this chaotic environment is to approach the business at an odd angle. Personality goes a long way in a scene littered with carbon-copies of popular stylistic templates. In myriad venues populating countless cities across the vast American landscape you will see bills plagued by cookie-cutter acts that pedal vapid, diluted and superficial material to a general public that doesn’t seem to know any better. Thus, when an artist arrives with obvious vitality, personality to burn and emotionally moving material they cut through the white-noise like a bomb-blast.
Now, before this diatribe makes me sound as though I’m raising a flag for music snobbery I should clarify this rant merely goes to assert just how impressive I find Eclipses for Eyes.
For anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of encountering Eclipses for Eyes (and if you haven’t- there’s a three part interview awaiting you here, here and here), it’s obvious that this is a band with identity to spare. These individuals and the group they comprise are animated on-stage and off, boundlessly energetic and musically inventive. Their material is artful, thoughtful, stirring and memorable— and all it takes is an evening observing them on stage sandwiched between a few other acts to realize they are show-stealers.
Their debut EP, It’s Irrelephant, (which is currently available for purchase on iTunes-)is a sonic panorama that walks you to every possible precipice and prompts you to jump out into space. The riffs are churning; the bass lush and inviting. Violin runs drizzle over kinetic drum fills to utilize every millimeter of your speakers. There are layers atop layers on every single track of this record, and the attention afforded to dynamic in both production and songcraft bespeak a band in possession of rare talent and ability.
There is a beautiful undulating structure to the album, beginning with the discordant, swelling, “House of Clocks,” and bursting into, “Box of Secrets,” the album’s first single. On each track the music roils like a turbulent sea that buoys and propels vocalist Lexi Salazar’s melodies into the atmosphere while urging your ears and spirits to follow. The compositions are expansive and brimming with intensity, making listening to this record a refreshing experience in every sense of the word.The unique element of adding a violin to a rock act has always delighted me, (HURT being a shining example) so I feel it helps distinguish EfE’s sound from most female-fronted groups.
Not only is the vibrancy of the music infectious, but the lyrical content is far from the trite, self-absorbed droning you’re often presented by contemporary rock acts. Lines like, “I’d rather live with passion and die with closure than live in fear and die safe but incomplete…” sound as anthemic credos rather than monosyllabic vessels for melody. Their metaphor, when utilized, breeds imagery that is vibrant and evocative. These aren’t just songs about booze, bad relationships and good sex. Though I’m sure there’s a place those themes inhabit on the album…
I am equally impressed by the emphasis on the message the band communicates through their material. As Lexi stated during our interview, “…I try and gear my writing more towards following your dreams and actually worrying about things that matter— like your work and your self-worth…  That’s really what separates our music from other genres is that lyrically I don’t tend to write literally about “boys” a lot, I tend to talk about things metaphorically.” Her phrases vary in complexity on the record, from stating, “I’m just a girl with a box full of secrets, you’re just a boy whose heart is buried out at sea,” to, “You’ve programmed me to create barriers and push away all the things that resemble a threat.” The easy integration of tongue-tripping turns of phrase into melody is an excellent touch, and certainly stands out to educated ears.
On the whole, It’s Irrelephant is a profoundly good straight-up rock record. It hits where it should without sacrificing melodic elements or belaboring a point. It is aggressive and energetic while being assuredly self-analytical. The band has a very unique style, sound and viewpoint that lend them a universal appeal. Their live performances showcase a cohesion and quality that is second to none (and when you take into account that the group covered Brittany Spears when I saw them, that’s saying a lot). What’s more, they are personable and passionate people whose enthusiasm is infectious. It bleeds from every aspect of their material, and it is absolutely evident on this record. I’m excited to see what they produce in the future.
So if I may contradict my friend Mr. Kravitz, rock and roll is most definitely alive and well… It just happens to be a very rare beast to capture in the wild. It often adapts so rapidly that it’s hard to track its progress. However, if you are lucky enough to have ensnared it, it is readily apparent that it has eclipses for eyes…


For fans of: Forty Foot Echo, Flyleaf, Foo Fighters, HURT, (and because the band will hate me) Paramore

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