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Consider me naive in my world travels but when I think about Croatia, I certainly don’t think about an emerging rock music scene. I certainly don’t know much about the country and wouldn’t think there’s high demand for rock music but I suppose I’m mistaken.


I had gotten a submission from this band One Possible Option from Rijeka, Croatia. The email gave me no frame of reference to what they sounds like other than “Genre: Alt. Rock”. As previously mentioned I had never heard any music from Croatia and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Could it be frantic anti-establishment fueled noise rock with a thick-accented vocalist? Not here, no sir. These guys pull of a great sounding blend of Monster Magnet type vocals interspersed with Dave Grohl- summoning screams (“My Mountain”) and backed by solid grunge-rock textures. If you had to guess their location by just listening to them you would have thought they were suburban boys out of Milwaukee or something. It is a surprisingly satisfying album that received multiple plays through the stereo and, as always, best experienced at full volume.


For Fans Of: Foo Fighters, Monster Magnet, Pearl Jam


When replying to their email submission, I was curious what fueled the origins of the band so I asked about their influences:


Our influences really vary from band member to band member, and I think it’s a good thing because it makes us wider when writing music. Bands like Audioslave or Soundgarden and Skunk Anansie heavier stuff like Pantera and Tool and the classics: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, Police, but also legendary bands from former Yugoslavia region like Azra, EKV, Leb i Sol and so on.


Their bio sets the stage for the context of the album:

The foundation, the base of the band is in an engaged approach to inspire humanity, shaking up the sleeping world. All of the work of the band is centered around this vision of a revolution in one’s self.


Coming from a country such as Croatia, the subject material is slightly political driven, especially “New Era” and “Planet Earth INC”. Overall it’s album with purpose, meaning and soul. These guys want to spread a message with their music that will make you open your eyes and be conscious of the world around you, to take action and stand proud, all while enjoying some great hard rock.


Key tracks: “Big Black Eyes”, “Mountain”, “There Will Come A Day” (heard below)


1. Big Black Eyes
2. Mountain
3. There Will Come A Day
4. The Sky Is Bleeding






One Possible Option - 'Hey You' Album Review and Free Download, 10.0 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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