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A fresh batch of hard-hitting rock music is erupting out of Winston-Salem, NC, and it goes by the name Echo Crush. Featuring ex-Codeseven guitarist James Tuttle, the band is poised to usher in an evolving era of rock that blends the serenity of Jeff Buckley-esque vocals and the thundering rhythms of The Deftones.


For Fans Of: Muse, Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Codeseven


The band released a new single called “The Departure” in November and have been hard at work recording material for a new EP.

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They also released the 3-track Luck Spider EP in June of 2012:

The guys were nice enough to accept an interview request! Lets meet the band!
Chris Chafin: Vocals/Lyrics
John Crowder: Guitar
James Tuttle: I play guitar and some guitar synth from time to time.
Jay King: I play the drums….as loudly as I can.
Matt Lynch: Bass player


What finally brought all the members together to form the band?


Chris: We have all played in bands together in some form or fashion over the years. Ironically enough this band began at the Codeseven reunion show here in Winston-Salem. John, Jay and I discussed getting together. After a couple living room acoustic guitar sessions we got a practice space. We wrote a few decent songs, got James and Matt on board, scrapped almost everything and started over.

John: Desperate love of playing music. Possibly alcohol.

James: I’ve personally been friends with everybody for years. Jay (drums) called me up and asked to jam which by that point everybody was almost already in place.

Jay: Like Chris said, it started at the Codeseven reunion show. Then somehow we tricked James into jamming with us. Then, I begged Matt to come give it a shot because we were in a band together before and have always loved playing music together.

Matt: John, Jay and Chris had been working on some songs and wanted fill out the band and see where it could go.  James was brought in a week after me and it became apparent that we were on to something.


What does the name ‘Echo Crush’ mean to you?


Chris: for me it has two meanings. First it being our love for effects and second it being the way we use those effects to create a crushing wall of echoes at our live shows.

John: It’s the one that we all agreed on. I think it has a 90’s shoegaze vibe to it.

James: It doesn’t say metal, rock, hip hop etc… which was the main goal when naming the band. We wanted new listeners to not have any idea of what to expect before hearing the music. The name really just symbolizes that.

Jay: At first, it didn’t mean anything, except that we finally had settled on a name. Now, to me, it’s a nod to the ethereal backdrop that weaves into every song we write no matter how heavy the main riff.

Matt: Ha ha


What’s the story behind “The Departure”? Is there any significance with the artwork?


Chris: The Departure from a lyrical standpoint is a song about rebirth/redefining yourself. It’s about looking back on who you were and leaving that person behind. I have gone through a lot of personal changes over the last year and this song is a direct outlet for my frustrations of letting go of who I use to be.

John:  The artwork has no real meaning, it was just something I was messing around with. It think it conveys the song visually, big open space…ending in destruction.

James: I’ll let Chris and John answer that one. The lyrics and artwork were their concepts.

Jay: That’s a Chris & John answer. I just play the drums.

Matt:  There’s no real story to my knowledge.  I believe John did the artwork.


What artist/album did you worship/learn-all-the-songs/play-non-stop when you started playing music?


Chris: The Deftones- White Pony. It changed everything for me musically, it’s such a beautiful album. Until Koi No Yokan came out, I thought that White Pony was their peak. The first time I listened to “Entombed” on the new album I started crying, it takes a lot for me to be moved that strongly.

John: I am terrible at covering or learning other people’s songs. I have always written my own stuff, that way you can’t tell when I mess up.

James: Glam metal all the way. I loved Poison but I would say I became quite good at playing Motley Crue’s entire Catalog from Dr. Feelgood and back.

Jay: The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division….all the available albums back in 1990.

Matt: Primus was my original obsession.  The 15 year old me couldn’t get enough of it.


Which musicians do you admire? Why?
Chris: Chino of course as previously mentioned but for me as a performing vocalist Jeff Buckley is the pinnacle. He was such an amazing singer and song writer. If you’ve never watched live videos of him performing I highly suggest you do. His story is so tragic and beautiful it’s as if he was meant to only be here for a short time.

John: As far as guitarists, Jonny Greenwood, Johnny Marr…mostly people with “John” as the root of their name. I really love the way that Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones blends beauty and aggression. I love The Smiths’ melodies. The guitar freakouts in “Paranoid Android” are among my favorite of all-time.

James: I admire songwriters like Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood. The artist that really tries to push it with songwriting and production. Trent Reznor always comes to mind. I was a shredder that worshiped Steve Vai, Satch, Yngwie and so on… but really, talent like that is impressive, creatively it is run of the mill.

Jay: I’m not really a “fan” of  Foo Fighters, but Dave Grohl can do no wrong in my eyes. Radiohead, as a whole, and separately. Robert Smith. The latter two because they have always stood their ground and constantly morphed their styles, paying no mind to what the industry was looking for. The same could be said for Bowie too. Dave Grohl’s just a hell of a drummer, and a consummate showman all around.

Matt: There are way too many.  I really admire the artists who are able to make it of their own accord.  It’s about the music first and foremost.


What has been the biggest challenge for the band so far?


Chris: Besides us all having families and trying to balance work, school, and the band, the hardest point for us so far was trying to come up with the name Echo Crush. We were all still trying to figure out where we stood in the band and it caused some friction. It allowed us to finally agree on going the democratic route, which we still adhere to today.

John: Honestly, finding an audience. We really don’t fit into anything that is going on locally.

James: We are still in the process of finding our sound. The more we write, the heavier it gets but we will always have strong melodies somewhere in a tune. It’s fun to dabble in different areas of rock and I see us continuing on
this path.

Jay: I honestly can’t think of anything that’s been too challenging, so far. We’re all stable (relatively) adults, with normal lives, who have nothing to prove. I will say that we have certainly risen to the challenge of bringing a certain ethos of “music love” back to Winston-Salem for a lot of people from our generation, and sparking a little excitement in the younger one.

Matt: Naming the band was a real bitch.  It’s so hard to commit to something.  It becomes your identity as a group so it’s a big decision.



What are some of bands you listen to for inspiration and how does that come through on the final tracks?


Chris: When I’m writing I try not to listen to anything close to the sound we are going for. I have made this mistake in the past with other bands, where what I was into at the time heavily influenced my sound and I ultimately regretted it. As a vocalist the only way to stand out is to have your own sound.

John: Failure, Jawbox, Jeff Buckley, Deftones, QOTSA, Radiohead are all touch points. However, I truly think it turns into its own thing once we all put our personal styles on it.

James: Black Breath, entombed, GYBE, Kvelertak is stuff I’ve been rocking. Too me the inspiration is the dynamics and transistions. That is where true creativity thrives and I will pull from.

Jay: Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, Figrin D’an & The Modal Nodes (Star Wars Cantina Band)

Matt:  We draw from so many influences and you can hear it.  I listen to a lot of Jay Robbins music Jaw box, Burning Airlines, Office of Future Plans. I love the old post rock stuff.  I think we have all been digging the new Deftones album.  There are so many we could discuss this all day.


If you were to piece together a super-group – who would you pick for vocals, guitar, bass, drums. (Alive or dead)


Chris: lets make this interesting…vocals- Jeff Buckley, guitar- Joe Strummer, Bass- Nathan Watts, Drums- Dave Lombardo

John: Elvis Presley – Vocals, Josh Homme – Guitar, Geezer Butler – Bass, John Bonham – Drums

James: Man I have no idea ha.

Jay: Elisabeth Fraser & Ian McCulloch on vocals, David Gilmour on guitar, John Entwistle on bass, and of course Bonham on drums.

Matt: This is too hard to answer.  All of my favorite musicians tend to play in bands together already.



Thanks for your time guys! I hope the word spreads like wildfire, I can’t wait to hear more!

Exclusive Interview with Echo Crush, Listen to 'The Departure', 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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