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There is a commonly held belief that metal music springs from a testosterone-laden well of animus, anger and aggression in the base of the male brain. The genre is certainly geared towards attracting young males, and in the contemporary sense the music most-often emanates from said demographic as well. Granted, the godfathers of the metal movement have aged into their current roles by consistently cranking the volume and stepping on necks well into their 60’s (King Diamond and Judas Priest factions may consider themselves accounted for), but by and large metal is a young man’s game. Thus, when the crust cracks and something new crawls from the depths my neck usually cranes to take it in. What I’m seeing these days are the walls of common conception consistently crumbling.
Enter Forever Ended Yesterday: an Italian quintet crafting aggressive-yet-melodious rock with enough speed and energy to ensnare the ears of many a metal maniac. Their debut EP, 2012’s Ímiarma, is brimming with anthemic compositions forged from a molten concoction of distortion, overdrive and angst that kick you back in your seat and cradle you like an auditory centripetal force.
No, (since you ask) none of this is contrary to the common contrivances of the genre… What distinguishes this group from the other denizens of the modern metal scene is a duo of sprightly young women who help comprise its lineup.
Frankie (vocals) and Lyn (guitar) round out the roster with Steve (drums), Jux (guitar) and Ale (bass) to create a group that will catch your eye and then knock it out of its socket.
On first listen, the band evoked what I imagined as Kim Shattuck from The Muffs fronting Slipknot in the unlikely event Corey were being held hostage in southern California. Upon further review I began drawing vastly different parallels, seeing tinges of From Autumn to Ashes and Killswitch Engage blended with the obvious parallel of Lacuna Coil. The refreshing aspect of the album is the incredible melodic sensibility of the compositions. Yes, there are the standby visceral screams and chugging riffage present in most heavy music, but Frankie’s melodies still manage to feel florid and flowing while maintaining an aggressive, gritty quality.
The group’s style, like their aesthetic, is a definite departure from the norm. There are wonderfully ascendant qualities to the guitar lines, the rhythm section is pummeling and insistent while the compositions are vast, expansive and warmly enveloping. Their sound is acutely aggro, yet not as sonically grating as many heavier groups’ based on the contrast of the female vocal and focus on melody against the turbulent elements of the instrumentation.
Many of the albums’ aspects feel familiar, yet slightly askew— making the record a unique listening experience that improves with each subsequent spin. The band lists their genre as alternative, while I certainly heard multiple elements that cause me to classify them as a metal act. Yet their sound varies enough from track to track that arguments can be made for each or neither. “Intoxication,” the EP’s third track, is a growling sonic gravel pit, packed to the gills with screams and chugging guitar work. Yet the next song, “Something More,” is more of a contemporary rock romp, and, “Sleep Tight,” the album’s closing track, is an acoustic piece that would fit easily onto an Evanescence record. The disparity of description alone is an indicator that the band lists a bit differently than most.
The album’s debut single, “Unreal Smile,” is a powerful piece of pomp and electricity concerning identity crisis that becomes as mentally consuming as the subject matter it concerns. The video below will give you a taste of the band’s uncommon character.


Overall, this is a solid initial effort from a group with excellent potential. I look forward to hearing what the band gets up to in the future—
You can find Forever Ended Yesterday on Facebook or through their homepage, and the album is currently available for purchase via iTunes. It is absolutely worth repeated listens…
For fans of: From Autumn to Ashes, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, The Used, Spineshank

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