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In the last few years, I had almost given up on the hard rock scene. It seemed to have lost its luster and became a trough of mediocrity. Airplay and charts became saturated with imitation Buckcherry‘s and 3 Doors Down‘s with bland songwriting and no redeemable value. The deep opuses like,”The Sex Is Good,” and, “Drink, Drank, Drunk,” just don’t seem to do it for me. Local rock radio stations are playing Trapt and Linkin Park every hour and making me want to shove sharpened pencils in my ears. Don’t get me wrong: I can tolerate those bands, I just choose to avoid them. However, enough is enough already! Give me something fresh!

Where has all the good music gone???


Little did I know that right in my back yard in Phoenix, Arizona, were a group of guys who were making rock music worthwhile again.


For Fans Of: Incubus, Evans Blue, Chevelle, A Perfect Circle


Enter Enova. Enova deliver hard rock with class. Throughout the album you’ll hear vocal harmonies, melodic breakdown, mingled with visceral screams and heart-pounding guitar breakdowns. I had stumbled across the song “One More Time” and was quite impressed. Good dynamic, progression, spot-on vocals, harmonies, and a scream that can slice through flesh.


The album opens up with an instrumental intro track, which I always appreciate, yet doesn’t extend too long that it seems pretentious. I’m intrigued. “Separate” kicks the album into gear with a headbanging opening, and gives you a taste of what singer Elliot Weber and band mates can pull off with the mosh-pit-triggering bridge where the blistering scream knocks you on your ass. But that’s not the formula for the whole album. Tracks like “Voyage” and “Gamble” take it to a more peaceful level and round out the album with a perfect dosage of fury and passion.


Key Tracks: One More Time, Dust-n-Headaches, Voyage, (also check out the “Come Undone” Duran Duran cover in the player below!)



Lets get to know a little more about the band!




Introduction – Name, role in the band:

Elliot Weber- Lead singer, Derek Keever- guitar, Matt Brunsvold- Bass, Anthong Gavalyas- Drums


Band name: Origins of the name, has it ever changed?

Oh the good old how did you come up with you name question… Well four guys in a room jamming one lucky guy throws and name out and it sticks…a nova is an exploding star… So there you have it ENOVA exploding on the scene.


How did the band form?

All band members played in other groups, then once they dismantled, all of us found each other by reference, either from friends or craigslist. That’s the honest truth


What album or artist attributed your passion to start a band?

ENOVA has many influences from all genres of music, but we’ve been very influenced by bands like incubus, deftones, and chevelle.

And honestly I didn’t own any albums at first being my older siblings had all the CDs, but they had so much music from may different genres and it all inspires me understanding the universal language being expressed in so many formats of music, it’s amazing, great first impression it stuck, hitting right at home with my dreams.


If you had to pick one Incubus, Deftones, and Chevelle song to cover, which songs would you pick and why?

Wow tough question… So many great hits from those bands… Lets pick the three albums we’d cover ….
Incubus – “If Not Now When”
Deftones – “Koi No Yokan”
Chevelle – “Hats Off to the Bull”
All the latest tracks. All three bands have been great at sticking to who they are, reinventing their unique signature tones and sound.  Just an influence that we can always keep striving towards.


What’s the story behind the title track “Counterpart”?

Counterpart is a song about having any person, place, or thing in your life that provides you such a positive connection no mater what the relationship may be. We go through life many times seeking out companionship, and that can come in many aspects in life, and in many ways.


Is there one song on the album that you’re particularly attached to right now (musically or lyrically)?

On our current EP, we enjoy all the songs, but as any band…we’ve been writing new material since our first release.


What has been the biggest challenge for the band so far?

The biggest challenge is being a new band, coming out of Phoenix Arizona, and like other bands, not having the finances to go bigger and better. Nothing against the grind though, it’s what makes a good story.


Is the band seeking to be signed to a major label, or do you feel it’s better to stay independent?

ENOVA is currently seeking all options to get to the next level. So many times we get approached, but come to find out that talk is cheap, go figure. That’s ok though, even if we did get signed tomorrow, we’ll never stop pushing the bar ourselves. Honestly, in the end, it’s all we got which is ENOVA.


What do you think of the music scene in Tempe, Arizona? How do you fit in?

The music scene in Tempe has been a long time coming, and still in our opinion, has a long way to go. Sometime last year, one of our major radio stations local in the valley switched formats, which previously supporting our single, but no longer exist. Tempe and Arizona in general is a full of great talent, but for some reason, gets over looked.


What are you favorite places to hang out in Tempe/Phoenix?

There are many places we love to hand out in tempe, but since we moved about a month ago into a house with each other, Casey Moore’s has been visited a few times over, which is a local bar hangout.


What will 2013 bring for Enova?

2013 will bring many new adventures for ENOVA. Our first show this year happened to be in Las Vegas, so enough said…..celebrating a wonderful year of traveling, new music, and hopefully another step our musical endeavor.


Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good work!



Enova 'Counterpart' Review & Interview, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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