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Hailing from Long Island, New York, Coasta is a band of focus. With no official “Bio”, “About Us”, “Follow us on Instagram!” or lengthy story populated with inside jokes about who these guys are. They let the music be their full representation, and damn if it isn’t one hell of a good looking business card.


For Fans Of: Young The Giant, NGHBRS, Incubus, Nada Surf, Brendan Rivera



The Sunzal EP is a chameleon of sounds that whisk you away to the coastal locale where the songs were inspired. “Young Blood” has a raucous dance groove with soaring guitars that make you feel as though you’re dancing on top of the crashing waves. “The Slide” is like a soundtrack to the beach bonfire, with acoustic lead and swirling overtones as if the waves are hushing you into a calm. “Michael Traction” finds you on an overcast day, comforted by an old friend discussing failed relationships. “Sirens” takes you back out to the surf to clear your worries away. Finally “Sunzal” shines the light on a new day, puts the past behind you, packs your bags, puts the top down and takes a drive.  A great composition from start to finish.


The band was nice enough to do an interview with us. Lets check it out:


What are the origins of the band name, has it ever changed?

We were just sitting around throwing names out there, we had a few candidates and we ended up choosing Coasta mainly for its simplicity.


What’s the story behind the title and the lyrics of “Michael Traction”?

When we first write a song we usually come up with some ridiculous name for it just so we have something to call it while we’re working on it. In this case the original name actually ended up sticking. The lyrics itself are just about a relationship that doesn’t work out and how sometimes you might resent that person after its over, even though that person might not have done anything really wrong.


The album artwork almost looks like you’re looking at the coastal horizon through an amber colored bottle. It has a very ‘beach/summertime’ feel. Tell us the story behind the artwork.

Chris went down to the beach one day and found a weird clock washed up on the beach, so he decided to take some pictures of it. We ended up liking the shots and used one of them for the cover, nothing too exciting.


Is there one song on the EP that you’re particularly attached to right now?

We’ve been playing a slowed down version of sunzal lately which we all really like, I guess that is the one we feel closest to right now.


What did you feel were the pros and cons of producing and mixing the record yourselves?

The pros were getting to record under our own schedule and to get to do things exactly as we wanted to do them, as well as saving some money by not having to hire a producer. The cons were that we only had each other to come up with ideas for the songs and sometimes that can be tough on a band because you are listening to the same sounds over and over again and things can get bogged down at times. Its always nice to have a fresh set of ears in the studio to help the band realize what exactly it is they are trying to accomplish with a particular piece of music.


What has been the biggest challenge for the band so far?

Its been tough getting on shows around our home area of Long Island, there is not many places to play around here and its a bummer.


Do you play with hopes of self-sufficiency within the local scene? Or do you strive for national fame or billboard level success?

Both. We have a real DIY sense about ourselves and understand the value of a band growing internally and operating under itself but at the same time we all love music and want as many people to hear us as possible.


There’s a lot of different emotions and rhythms in the songs on the EP. What bands would you compare your sound to, or what bands do you get compared to the most?

We don’t really like comparing ourselves to anyone else, we just try to do our own thing despite how unoriginal it might be. It is always our goal to make our songs sound unique. We have heard Nada Surf’s name thrown around with our music a bit, which is rad cause there stuff is awesome.


What was the first album/song you heard that made you want to be in a band?

Gigantic by the Pixies


Jamey, you mentioned in a previous interview that you regret writing songs about personal relationships and want to write songs that are more universal. Have you found that to be more difficult?

No, I’ve actually found it to be much easier. I tend to over analyze my lyrics when I’m writing about something personal, but when I have a story or some other subject matter to write about, it seems that I can get them done much quicker.


What should we expect from the new album?

Bigger and louder


Do you have and demo/samples/track titles that we can hear?

Yeah I’m sure we will be getting some stuff out to the public once the album is closer to being released. Thanks for the interview!


Thank you! We look forward to hearing new stuff in 2013!


And now presenting: Coasta’s “Young Blood” synced with the “Worst Music Video Ever”:


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