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ys-logo-300pxTo celebrate the impending apocalypse and re-emerge from a 7 year slumber, Baltimore, Maryland band The Mayan Factor have released a new album titled Yesterday’s Son on 12/21/21012 (the most appropriate of days).


After the tragic death of their lead singer Ray “Ray-Ray” Schuler in 2011, the band -and fan community- was devastated. But due to the outpouring of love and support for Ray and the band, the group stuck together and took to the studio to salvage the final sessions that Ray had recorded. What was created from those sessions areĀ  the 7 songs that they resurrected for the album. The vocals are emotional and eerily moving, and layered with acoustic guitars and swirling organ to recreate that ominous Mayan Factor sound, as described on their bio:

Bridging the abyss of unreal to real, the spiritually dead to the vital, these guys are genuine, their warmth contrasting with the vapid corporate chill of modern culture.



The opening track “Preacher’s Daughter” is confession of love and admiration which could rival any of the poppy love songs played on the radio today.


“Parabellum” highlights the organ sounds and keeps an uptempo feel as the lyrics take you on that familiar Mayan Factor road, with a solid guitar solo and acoustic breakdown.


Tracks like “Dead Leaves” remind us of the strength of Ray’s vocal as puts his all into it as he screams ‘Run‘ towards the end. It truly channels the haunting feel of the song and make you wish that he was still here with us.


The final track “Hello” is a perfect ending in book of The Mayan Factor. Ray’s vocals forever calling to anyone who lends an ear, to listen to the music that is life, not to take it for granted but to revel in it and share it with the world.





I greatly applaud the band for releasing this album and wish to send my thanks to the guys. The Mayan Factor songs will be in steady rotation in my playlists for many years to come. Rest In Peace, Ray.


Get it on iTunes or through CDbaby:



The band performed a CD release show in Baltimore on 12/21 featuring singer Jeff Jones filling in for the vocal arrangements. Here’s some live footage from the show:






Follow the band:


Since their last album some of the band members have gone on to their own projects. Kevin has been working with Black Angel Down, as they play live shows in support of their recent live album. Kevin also has been working with The Rev Jack Starr Band, and Skintrip. Dan has also joined Kevin in Black Angel Down, and also has been working on a few side projects to date.


Johnny has been busy recording with his band Invisible Republic, and also joins Kevin in The Rev Jack Starr Band. Johnny also plays out frequently in the Baltimore area performing solo (acoustic) as well as with sitting in with Chuck and his band Trif3cta.




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