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There is a definite philosophical phenomena observable over myriad forums of expression, from podcast to documentary films and so on: passion engenders passion. Thus, when one musician gets into a room with another musician for an unfettered conversation about the artform, prolific and effulgent exchanges will ensue. When one musician gets into a room with six other musicians, chaos reigns.
What this roughly translates to is AmpKicker recently sat down for a discussion with the vibrant Phoenix sextet Eclipses for Eyes that escalated into the print equivalent of War and Peace. Their music is upbeat, vital and virulent (as it pervades your thoughts long after the tunes have left your headphones), and the group is energetic, enthusiastic and garrulous as a sorority girl on a bender. As such, what follows is PART ONE of a mammoth discourse on the band’s creation, ideology and effervescent collection of cover songs performed in a restroom. Dig in!

AmpKicker: Let’s start with having everyone introduce themselves w/ their role in the band—


Hi, I’m Lexi, I sing in Eclipses for Eyes and I make coffee.


Allen Zettel, I play guitar— and I’m trying to work on recording some rappers. You might not know them yet, but we’re working on something and it’s going to be all weird and dancy.


I’m Sam, violin and backing vocals for Lex. I teach music on the side… I have a degree from NAU.


AK: I was going to say that’s the most meta last-name I’ve ever heard. I’m Sam Violin, and I happen to play violin…


(laughs) Oh, sorry— I’m Sam Mitchell, violin.


I’m Cameron, I play guitar and I spend a lot of time on Facebook.


(grousing from the group ensues)


Cameron: Well, that’s what I do for the band!


We’ll get you a chip after the meeting.


Lexi: Should I have said Tumble?


Sam: Yeah, and I Pinterest.


Duly noted.


Hey, I’m Alex and I play bass in Eclipses for Eyes and outside of the band I play in a lot of other bands and I also enjoy doing recording.


Dustin Yoes— I play the drum-set and on the side I work and play saxophone— I actually just landed a New-Year’s Eve gig with a Michael Bublé impersonator.


At least it’s Bublé and not Bolton.


So, starting things off, why isn’t this interview taking place in a bathtub?


Lexi: Well, 8 people don’t fit in Cameron’s shower.


That we know of.


Lexi: We don’t do it in the bathtub because we all don’t fit in the bathtub, but we do it in the shower because it’s flat and the acoustics are still good.


Allen: We were thinking about doing that, though, via Skype (if we would do the interview that way).


Lexi: And Allen was going to be naked.


Sam: That’s actually our next big goal as a band is to remodel the bathroom.


Lexi: We’re going to put a stage in the bathroom—


Sam: Yeah, that’s going to be our thing.


For better social networking?


Allen: Yeah, and for one of our videos we’re going to have the wet look. (tosses hair)


Well, I was told at one point my music was of such high quality that it belonged in a bathroom… so I suppose that’s fitting.


Tell us about the formation of the band— How did you all meet? Was anyone in a group together previously?


Sam: Dustin and I were in a band together. He and I went to college together, and I sang and played violin for it, and that’s how I met him. Then Cameron and I met via MySpace and jammed for 3 years, but that was in Flagstaff— so we could never really get anything going. Then he (Cameron) moved back down to Phoenix, and later I moved back to Phoenix.


Lexi: I used to be in a hardcore band, and when I graduated high school I decided that I wanted to do something more vocally creative and driven— because you don’t have a lot of creative leeway doing heavier music. So, I put out an ad on a musician’s exchange on Facebook and I met Cameron that way. Then one day I jokingly said, “Hey, come over.” And he did. From Phoenix to Tucson— and we wrote, “Box of Secrets,” and, “Irrelephant,” in a day and thought, “Hey, these are actually okay— we should write together.”


Allen: Cameron and I were roommates after a couple of weeks at MCC – I got kicked out of my house and Cameron offered me a place to sleep on his floor and that’s how we met; which was before he moved to Flagstaff. Then, after he moved back I kept bugging him to get me into his band because my band had just broken up— I was in I Versus Me.


Sam: So me and Cameron had 10 or 15 songs that we kept writing and ditching—


Cameron: Because I kept changing my mind. I started writing pop-punk stuff, and then changed it to raw, rock stuff and I still wasn’t happy with it.


Sam: Then we added Allen, and we wrote a few songs…


Allen: We went into some heavier stuff, but it was mostly folky-indie stuff…


Cameron: We kept going from folky, to indie, to rocky— but it was mostly learning how to structure songs the way we wanted. Then Lexi came around so I didn’t have to sing anymore—


Lexi: And I came with a vision. I came and said, “We’re doing rock, okay!”


Sam: Then we added some drummers— very flakey drummers.

Are there any other kind?


Sam: We went through a few folks over a couple months, and then we finally called Dustin because he had just moved back too. He was doing an internship at Yamaha, because he’s a marketing and saxophone performance major— so he was in California and he’d just gotten back, so he called me and came back to play drums.


Cameron: I knew Alex (bass) through one of our flakey drummers…(laughs) I’ve known Alex since high school, before I met Allen, so I just brought him back. Normally he’s too busy, though.


Allen: Yeah, he was a bit flakey too— he entered and left, and we had other bassists coming in before he actually stuck around.


Alex: I was in the first music video before I was actually in the band.


Sam: We went through multiple bassists— we were borrowing players—


Cameron: We recorded, “Irrelephant,” and, “Box of Secrets,” before we ever even had a drummer or bass player. We had someone else play drums, and later Dustin auditioned playing those drum parts— then me, David and Kyle from Greeley Estates were recording bass parts for the tracks. We skipped making the band, we just went ahead and recorded and then made the band. We just said, “Here, this is what we want,” and then people came in and did what we wanted.


Well, it’s certainly easier to pitch that way. If you present a concept versus something we might be looking into doing.

EFE-30Lexi: Versus saying, “It’s going to be a cross-breed between this band and this band,” we actually had a thing where we said, “This is what we’re doing.”


Alex: It was nice to have a jump-off point for a change instead of with most of the bands I play with where it’s like, “Write something for us.”


Or, “Here’s 12 songs— learn this by tomorrow. You only play one string at a time, so it should be really easy. By the way, there’s a prerequisite 7 years of music theory…”


Alex: Right. Exactly.



I’m sure you’ve told the story on stage myriad times— but where did the name of the band originate?


Lexi: We experienced going through a few different name ideas. When we first recorded we didn’t really have a set name yet, we actually fumbled around with the name idea, “Across the Dreamscape,” and we were going to go with that. David, who records us, said it wasn’t catchy enough. Then one day Cameron was listening to a song and the lyric included…


Cameron: “Eclipses for Eyes”— it’s from a Miike Snow song.


Allen: The song’s name is, “Silvia.”


Cameron: We liked it because it is really open to interpretation.


Alex: Though someone actually came up to me at the Crescent Ballroom and asked me to play a show with them, and I told them I was playing bass for another band so I couldn’t. He asked, “What are they called?” I said, “Eclipses for Eyes,” and he said, “Isn’t that a Miike Snow lyric?” So he called it.


How do you tend to write as a group? Does everyone come up with concepts, or does it start with Cameron and Lexi?


Lexi: It’s kinda changed a little bit over the last year, but it’s pretty much always been that I write all of my lyrics separately and then I come to Cameron and I say, “Hey, I have this idea, I have a mood that I want to set,” or, “I want this to be really punchy.” I’m really bad at describing things, but somehow he understands what I’m talking about. He can actually think of riffs that he’s been playing around with and we kinda just sit down and write it all acoustic and we go to practice and we bring it in and show everybody…”


Sam: Or e-mail it.


Lexi: Yeah, we’ll e-mail it to each other if we don’t get to see each other one week, we’ll make sure that there’s a constant communication.


Alex: Another good thing is that two people in the band have pretty good home studios, so everything gets to be worked on at some point.


Allen: Sending tracks back and forth is the best way to build the song before you throw everyone in a room together and play it together. Because you’re hearing everyone’s part for the first time and it’s a lot to process— but if you break it down it’s easier.


Lexi: It’s good to let things sit also— you listen to it and think, “I don’t know how I feel about this,” and then you come back to it and work on it again rather than feeling pressured to complete it in an hour.


Sam: And the three of them (Allen, Cameron and Lexi) all live together, so they work on the song, and Allen’s usually the next person to start working on a song because he’s here with Cameron— then they’ll email it to the rest of us and I’ll write parts, Alex will write parts, Dustin will write parts… and we bring it all together. Then afterward Lexi and I will get together and work out our vocal parts, post-writing…


That concludes part ONE of our three part discussion with the band. If we’ve peaked your interest, you can continue the interview with PART TWO here and PART THREE here! It only gets crazier from here on in!

Also, if you’re enjoying what you read and hear you can catch the band LIVE on the main stage at the Tempe Marketplace on January 5th from 7-10 P.M.

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