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Now for the third and final installment of our interview with Phoenix rockers Eclipses for Eyes! You can read part one here, and the second installment here. We hope you’ve enjoyed our conversations thus far- I know we certainly did.

Eclipses for Eyes is:
Lexi Salazar Vocals
Cameron Dartt Guitar
Allen ZettelGuitar
Sam MitchellViolin
Dustin Yoes Drums
Alex CardwellBass

AmpKicker: There is a stark contrast between your internet/ social networking persona and the feel of your musical material. You certainly aren’t writing Blink 182 tunes, but you create YouTube clips that cause me to feel like I’ve ingested some bizarre chemical… Do you feel the fun, quirky vibe or the more serious, introspective tone is more indicative of who the band is? Or are you a perfect amalgam of both?


Lexi: My personal goal is to write about things that are important to me and serious issues, but I want people to know that I’m not all serious… I don’t want to say, “You’re a butthole— and I’m going to write a hate-song about you!” I want people to know we’re fun people that can still have fun even though we write serious songs.


You don’t want to be Staind, is what you’re saying?


Lexi: Yeah, I don’t want people to think that we take ourselves too seriously or that we think we’re too cool to have fun because NOBODY is too cool to have fun.


Sam: If you haven’t noticed we all have mild cases of ADD—


Lexi: Yes— I actually have ADD, and had to take adderall as a child… but I chose to stop taking it because I was afraid it would affect me creatively… And I’m four-foot eleven. I’m probably the shortest singer you’ll ever see.


Cameron: She stopped taking it because it stunted her growth.


So would you say you air more on the side of being perky and fun or serious tonally? Or is it more the amalgam of the two working in collusion?


Lexi: Well, I want people to know that we’re fun and normal people, but at the same time I want them to know that we have a lot of things that are important to us… I mean, we stand for a lot of things— like, following your dreams and knowing that you are worth it.


And breaching the five-foot barrier.


Lexi: Yeah! You know what, you may not be tall enough to ride the roller coaster this year, but next year come back with some plaftorms! You can do it!




Cameron: We’re serious about what we do, and this is what we want to do— but we’re going to have fun doing it.


Sam: And we’re friends before being band-mates— we all take this very seriously, but we’re also really good friends and we worry about our relationships together and we all want to have a good time so it doesn’t become a negative atmosphere.


Lexi: We’re a family.


Dustin: I think, “Across the Dreamscape,” is a good example, because the song is pretty technical, and I don’t see a lot of local bands being able to one come up with a song like that or two care about their songs— so I think we’re comfortable being ourselves and letting people know we’re goofy because, at least on my end, the music speaks for itself. So if you listen to our songs, hopefully you know that we’re legitimate musicians and they’re cool and the song is cool and reaches me on a level… and then you go on YouTube and see a video where she’s funny, and think, “She’s funny,” and Cameron is stupid and wears a bear costume— it’s a good combination because we don’t need to rely on the super-serious artist angle because the music does it for us.

It’s part of the allure because you are tongue-in-cheek, and not self-absorbed or self-concerned or trying to come off as tortured artists. Some bands become parodies of themselves with a super-serious tone and have no capacity to laugh at themselves or what they do— so it’s an excellent way to market yourselves by putting your personalities out there and leavening your music with it…


Sam: And we want things to be tangible. It’s not just about our music being tangible, it’s about us being approachable and relatable to other people— if they know we’re normal people who have serious things going on in our lives and we write about it musically it’s a common story for a lot of people, and it’s easy to grab on to.


Lexi: I don’t want people to think that we think we’re way cooler than we are. I mean, we’re fun and we’re real people. I’m not trying to convince a room full of people that I’m a big pop-star and they’re lucky to see me… I want them to see us as approachable— we’re like your friends. We’re weird, we have jobs… but we also have dreams.


Allen: (yells) Jobs and dreams!!!!!


Sam: That’s our new name— Jobs and Dreams!

I think that sounds like your next album’s title… it sounds like a 30 Seconds to Mars album.

What’s the story behind the phrase, “It’s Irrelephant?”


Lexi: So, the website tumblr is a horribly addictive, wonderful place. It’s a realm— it’s fairyland. I have a problem… Anyway, one of my friends Stacy and I were at my house in Tuscon waiting for Cameron (on the day he came over the first time). Once Cameron was there we were writing and this picture came up on my dashboard and it said, “Anything irrelevant to an Elephant is Irrelephant.” So I joked and said, “Hey Stacy, draw an Irrelephant…” Then Cameron and I continue writing and she’s sitting in the corner with her tablet drawing out this Irrelephant character and she came up with a flamingo with an elephant’s body…”
ERE CD SCALECameron: It’s an elephant with a flamingo’s body…


Lexi: Whatever, you all know what I was talking about— our (album) cover…


Alex: This is all totally irrelephant right now.


Lexi: In fact, I personally have destroyed everyone in this room’s ability to say the word irrelevant.


Sam: We all say it wrong now, and I have to teach school…


Cameron: None of us know how to spell it, either.


Lexi: Eventually we start talking to my buddy Forrest about doing our art-work, and I sent him the silly drawing of the Irrelephant, and I said, “We want this as our cover art,” because it represented me and Cameron coming together and writing our first songs.

What would you consider to have been your greatest challenge as a group thus far?


Allen: Time schedules— we have six people in a band, all with different schedules. 3 of us work night shifts, the others on day-shifts.


Lexi: Something that’s crazy is I work day-shifts, and these guys (Cameron and Allen) work night shifts and I can go days without seeing them… and we live together. I come home, they’re asleep, and visa-versa.


Now, for the James Lipton portion of the interview…


Desert-Island Top-Five albums? (or Artists)
 Lexi: I’m going to do some bands…


A Day to Remember




Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s


AK: I want to hug you for that one.


Lexi: You like Margot?


AK: Adore them.



Nine Inch Nails


Pearl Jam

Taking Back Sunday

Four Years Strong



Death Cab for Cutie

Circa Survive


Portugal. The Man

Gatsby’s American Dream


Death Cab for Cutie

Foo Fighters

Blink 182


The Starting Line




Smashing Pumpkins

Every Time I Die

Miniature Tigers

The Decemberists




Miles Davis

Every Time I Die 

Gatsbys American Dream

Scary Kids Scaring Kids
AK: Any artist living or dead to collaborate with (could be recording, tour, or write with?)


Cameron: Freddie Mercury.


Lexi: I would love to do a song with Elton John.


Allen: John Mayer… after he got fat and then skinny again.


Sam:  Joan Jett.


Alex: Rivers Cuomo.


Dustin: Dave Grohl.




What is the best live show you have ever attended? Or if that’s too difficult to pin down, what’s the first live show you ever attended?


Allen: The first show I ever attended was Pantera when Dime-Bag was still alive, and (hed) p.e. opened for them… or Soulfly.


Dustin: My first show was at the Nile, and it was Autopilot Off, Brand New, Yellowcard, Finch, Starting Line, Homegrown and Allister all on the same bill… a lot of those drive-through bands. I don’t think that was the best show, because they all weren’t that good back then— because I’ve seen Maynard Ferguson perform, and I’ve seen Victor Wooten live, so I’ve seen some really good musicians, but I think that show stands overall just because of the nostalgic value.


Sam: I’m going to say Circa Survive maybe three years ago at the Marquee, and they had balloons that were exploding and a slide-show with black with white pictures. It was an epic show and everyone was so into it— they were actually moving. Also, any Warped tour from ’03-’06. I remember seeing My Chemical Romance at Warped Tour the year that the monsoon was coming in, and they were doing, “In the Middle of a Gunfight,” and black clouds were building behind them and the wind was blowing and his hair was (gesticulates wildly) aaaaaahhhh and I remember thinking, “This is rock and roll.”


Cameron: I liked Thrice and Brand New at Dodge Theater… other than that, Jimmy Eat World at the Orpheum in Flagstaff kicked ass! Ben Folds is cool live too…


Alex: I’ve seen a lot of shows, so it would be tough to pick a top— but my first was Weezer and the Foo Fighters, and I got to see Dave Grohl flying around. It was an epic show. I remember we got there, right on the front row— and Weezer played and it was SO LOUD and I thought it was greatest thing I’d ever heard in my life, and then Foo Fighters came out and were 10 times louder… and I thought, Holy SHIT this is rock and roll!


Lexi: This is very hard because I’ve gone to a lot of shows, and I am very fortunate in that I have parents who loved going to concerts— so when they couldn’t find a babysitter sometimes they would bring me. I remember seeing Elton John, and that was one of the best things ever, but I was really young. I’m going to go with my very first Warped Tour because I saw A Day To Remember for the first time… I’m a huge A Day to Remember fan, I have a tattoo— I’m from Florida. I heard of them right about the time For Those Who Have Heart came out, so they were still pretty new. They were on the smaller Ernie Ball stage. I had bought their record, I wasn’t aware of how much I liked them, I just wanted to see this band because I had their record— then I got there and I knew every single song and I got caught in the mood. When it ended, I thought, “What just happened?” It was amazing! It was great!



All right— and you wanted an absurd question, yes?


Lexi: Yeah, if that’s what you want—
If you had the opportunity to be half-human/ half-sausage, would you have the sausage on the upper or lower half and why?


Lexi: I’m a vegetarian…


Exactly. So, sausage.


Lexi: The lower half, so I can still sing?


Cameron: You’d be, like, a sausage mermaid—


Lexi: Can my sausage be mermaid shaped?


Of course, it’s sausage— it’s malleable.


Lexi: I would like to be shaped  like a mermaid sausage.


Now, you have to take into consideration if you have sausage on the upper half  you can chase people around and beat them with the sausage part of you… but if it’s on the bottom you’re essentially engaged in a perpetual sack-race.


Sam: By having sausage on the bottom how would you go to the bathroom? I’ve always been jealous of guys being able to go to the bathroom in the woods so easily, so I feel like having sausage on the bottom would bring me closer to that dream—


You’d feel as though you had a penis at that point?


Sam: I wouldn’t have to sit down to go to the bathroom… Not that I want a penis, but I want the advantage of peeing standing up…


Cameron: You can’t actually attempt to bring logic into a question making half your body a sausage!!!


Lexi: Can I just have sausage wings instead? So I can fly?


There are physiological limits then: there’s no skeletal structure— they wouldn’t really function. It defeats the whole purpose.


Cameron: I am not a human, I am a meat-popsicle.


Yes, and he knows it’s a multi-pass.


Thank you guys so very much for taking a moment to chat with me— it was far too much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Interested parties should expect the It’s Irrelephant EP to be released digitally February 2013. The group will also drop a new music video to coincide with the record release. Rest assured that AmpKicker will keep you in the know. Again, for those interested in seeing the band LIVE, they will be featured on the main stage at the Tempe Marketplace on January 5th from 7-10PM. Be there!

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