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Italian industrial duo F.O.O.S. have released their new album Showcase on November 13th. The album is a follow up to the band’s 2011 EP Love in the 21st Century which gained them steady following around the scene and earned them the title of National Champions of the international music contest, Emergenza Festival.


For Fans Of: Godhead, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, KMFDM


Mixing electronic elements with real instruments and creating that familiar industrial sound which they have dubbed ‘Electrock’, Showcase is just that- a showcase of how F.O.O.S. flourishes in this design.


The album starts off with the title track. The tantalizing Showcase, a light-tempo taste of the synthesized layers and pulsing rhythms to gear you up for the rest of the album. A perfect intro to this ride.


We are perfect
We are far-fetched
We are shallow
We are hollow
Something we lost
I can’t recall
A word, a thought
A moan, a caress
A glance, a smell
A touch, a whisper
[Our packaged hearts experience
Barcoded plastic feelings]
We are perfect


The next song is the album’s single “Monster”. Which picks up the pace and takes you on a thrill ride of fury that begs you to “Free the monster!“. The accompanying video demonstrates the feel of this song, a guy about to lose his cool, walks into some seedy back alley room and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of someone tied to the ceiling. Have a look:



The next tune “Hot Coals” continues the pulse-racing with a hard-hitting beat and spastic synthesizer run. The chorus: “I’m going away/ Cause if I stay/ I’ll dance alone/ On these hot coals”. Then the songs burst into a maddening drum beat and bending guitar riffs on the bridge and then takes you out with the running synth line.


“G.O.L.” which stands for Game Of Lies keeps the party moving with a solid drum cadence and angry synth lines weaved into a guitar riff.


Modernmorphosys” takes a slight intermission and slows the energy down a little, to explain “We’ve gone too far/ Running clockwise/ Of course, we had to survive/ But I wonder at what price”. After the first chorus the pace picks up again and takes on an early Nine Inch Nails guitar sound in the bridge, then brings you back to the clearing for the outro chorus.
“Riot!” brings on the uprising with a re-energizing techno infused riff. Fighting the liars, the rich and wealthy that sit in their palaces: “It’s your war/ Take control/ It’s the sole/ Solution/ Start a riot!/ Time has come”.


“Mirror Labrynth”  is the longest track on the album at 5:12 and shows off the synth skills and is compromised of all the right pieces of ‘Electrock’ to win over fans far and wide.  “What’s right is left /Inside the mirror labyrinth/ Each path will take you back/ Into the mirror labyrinth”


The final track “The World We Could Have Built” is a slow-paced outro to the album. Leaving you with words of insight-fulness to look around you, and try to do your part to make the world a better place.  Lyrics:

What are we doing?
Where are we going?
Like an army, we march
We obey, we toe the line
A rush of ants in business suit
All blind to what they earn and lose
The night I ran away you stood
Looking at me
The snow was falling, fake as all
We touch round here
I caught sight of your talking eyes
And your shut lips
I saw the beauty of the world
We could have built


Limited Edition physical copies of the album also include a remastered version of  “Real Love” and “Grey” that first appeared on the 2011 EP “Love In The 21st Century”.

To order a physical copy, click here to go to PayPal



Follow the band:

Official site: http://foos-official.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/foosofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/foosofficial

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