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Kansas City indie rock band The Casket Lottery will release their first full-length studio album, Real Fear,  in over nine years on November 6 via No Sleep Records.  The Casket Lottery formed in 1997 in Kansas City and consists of Ellis, who also is a current member of seminal hardcore band Coalesce, Stacy Hilt, formerly of Coalesce, and Nathan “Jr” Richardson, who previously performed with post-rock band The Appleseed Cast and is a current member of Coalesce.  The group spent the late 90’s and early 2000’s touring the U.S. with bands like Small Brown Bike, Rocky Votolato and Limbeck among others, while releasing a string of full-length albums, EPs, 7”s and splits along the way.  In 2010 the band added guitarist Brent Windler and keyboardist Nick Siegel and set out to record their fifth studio album.


For Fans of: Thursday, Brand New, Thrice


9 years makes a hell of a difference. In 2003 The Casket Lottery released their last album titled Possiblies and Maybes, and if one were to revisit that album, they may not recognize that it’s the same band who also made Real Fear.  The evolution and maturity of the band is drastic and in all the right ways.


The album opens up to the break-neck sounds of “Blood On The Handle”, a 1:01 introduction to the raw taste of the album and Nathan’s  visceral vocal talents and twisting guitar riffs. A teaser of things to come.


A definite highlight to the album is the track “In The Branches”, which showcases the furious, eerie atmosphere in which The Casket Lottery dwell so comfortably. If you enjoy this track alone, the rest of the album will not let you down.



The album goes on to grab you by the neck and rattle your notions of ‘indie rock’.  The Casket Lottery breaks the mold of hardcore, post-punk, indie and hard rock and stakes claim over all of them. Rich with Nathan’s blistering vocals, haunting guitars, aggressive bass-lines, dreary keyboard, and technical drum-work, the album fluctuates into jagged peaks and solemn valleys.  This album is solid through-and-through, unwavering to any sense that they’ve lost their touch in the 9 year silence since their last release Possiblies and Maybes. Do yourself a favor and check them out!


Key Tracks: In the Branches, Poor Dorian, The Door, Real Fear

Fans are invited to pre-order the new album today at http://nosleepstore.com/artist/the-casket-lottery.



AmpKicker had the opportunity for a few words with singer Nathan Ellis about the band and the upcoming album:


The Casket Lottery’s been dormant for almost 9 years, what sparked the idea of a new album?

We just wanted to make music together again.  We wanted to play shows, but I didn’t necessarily want to play a bunch of songs that I had written when I was 17 years old.  I have a different life and a different perspective now and I wanted to not sing about things that no longer move me or affect me.


How was the decision reached to add a keyboard player to the band?

I’ve always wanted to play with a good keyboard player, but never knew one that was a good fit until I met Nick.  When we decided to start working on a new record it just made sense to fully flesh out all of the ideas and bring some new friends into the mix.


What’s been the biggest challenge making this new record?

Finding the time to do it.  We’re all older and have different lives and responsibilities and sometimes it isn’t easy to squeeze everything in.  Band stuff is usually the first thing to cancel during a regular week.


Why choose ‘Real Fear’ for the album title?

I reached a point in my life that I started thinking about heavier things than I ever had before. I was having more family and friends dying and being diagnosed with cancer and at the same time I was watching my daughters grow up in front of me and realizing how fleeting and fragile it all really is.  I distinctly remember my first childhood memory and its because I was afraid of something.  But knowing what I know now puts into perspective how silly it is to be afraid of a black snake in the back yard.

How would you describe The Casket Lottery to new fans who are unfamiliar with your music?

Loud and obnoxious.


If you were to able to go back in time to 1999, what advice would you give yourself?

Invest in Google.


What does 2013 hold for The Casket Lottery?

Who knows, but honestly it’s nice to not have an agenda or a timeline.  We’re just making music and playing it loud.


Thanks Nathan!


Nathan Ellis also recently released his first ever solo EP which features three incredible, stripped down tracks that can be picked up on limited edition 7” vinyl at http://nosleepstore.com/artist/nathan-ellis



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