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Post-rock powerhouse Toundra have released their third album titled “III” (Aloud Music Ltd.).  The group hails from Madrid, Spain and have established quite a buzz from their acclaimed previous album “II” release in 2010. “III” was recorded in Madrid with Carlos Santos (Sandman Studios), with the help of Juan Blas (Westline Studios) and the mix of Santi Garcia and mastering of Victor García (Ultramarinos). The instrumentalists have once again reinforced their hold on the the post-rock community by creating beautifully epic landscapes, lush with personality.


For fans of: Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, Pelican, Post-Rock


I had first come across Toundra when I received their ‘II” album in a promo pack sent to me when I interviewed label-mates Exxasens. I was glued to their balance of subtle tones that lures you deep into each song and suddenly combusts with energy, surrounding you in an assault of audio ecstasy. This new album follows the same formula that makes them so buzz-worthy; melodic post-rock with striking clarity and blistering force.


On “III” – 6 tracks clocking 40 minuteseach song is an epic on it’s own, I could go into great detail on how the interwoven layers of this complex machine may easily become a vessel to another world, but I’ll let the music speak for itself.


Must Listen: The track “Requiem” calms the heavier pace of the album by featuring acoustic guitar and violins, swirling you into a trance, and ascending to a grand finale that soars beyond the clouds. This was the highlight of the album for me, it showcases what a magnificent power this band has in their grasp, and how effortlessly they wield it.








12th October * Sala Eventual Music (MáLAGA)

13th October * Sala Ruta 66 – Scala Lounge – Monkey Week (PUERTO DE SANTA MARíA)

03th November * Sala 12 & Medio (MURCIA)

15th December * Sala Porta Caeli (VALLADOLID)

09th February * Sala Apolo (BARCELONA)

23th February * Sala Joy Eslava (MADRID)





The artwork (Chelsea Green Lewyta) is an amazing representation of how this album sounds: vivid, dark, expansive…






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