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Swedish band Aoria are releasing their new 6 track album The Contant worldwide on October 10th. The band is comprised of singer/guitarist Erik Nilsson of A Swarm of the Sun, Katatonia bassist Niklas Sandin, and October Tide drummer Robin Bergh.


From their press release:

During the silent years the band earned a dedicated following through music communities and media. After four years of individual progress with other musical projects, the band has reformed and picked up where it left off – with a vision to create an emotionally earthshaking album of melancholic and powerful soundscapes.


The Constant is an album that is more than the sum of it’s parts. Aoria tears down notions of “metal”, “prog-rock”, or “post-rock” by creating songs that are superior auditory hybrids. With equal parts light and dark, this album combines the zen-like quality of Radiohead with the brutality of Tool, swirling together in a resonant wildfire.


Hold on and listen:

The album is available to download (€6 EUR), as LP/Vinyl (w/ download €18 EUR), or CD Digipack (w/download €12 EUR) through Bandcamp or:



A Slow Moving Storm” stars off with that signature Swarm of the Sun sound, but the vocals kick in and rather than some brutal screaming the backdrop was set for, you ears are pleased to capture the majestic croon of Erik Nilsson. This track is an amazing start to the album and highlights the dynamic that these guys can pull off.


The Black Heart” and “Assassination” keep up that dark cloud of decay with wonderous vocals and furious pounding drums.


The Bleeder” is an instrumental eclipse of sound, going from light to dark, and back again.


You Really Gave It All, Didn’t You?” summons up the dark forces with drudge like bass and powerful vocals, you can really hear Erik’s force behind them. Here are the lyrics:

I told you this day would come, now you know what it feels like
How long did you crawl?
How much did you bleed?
You weren’t all safe in that shell that you used as your shield
No longer heal now
Just what were your motives?
You’re lacking in faith and struggling will only keep worsening your strains
Head on
You really gave it everything
I just wanted you to cope without me
You really gave it everything
Hanging on
Just let us all pass by
We’re leaving you behind
Forget it
All is over

Full album lyrics here.
An Overwhelming Calm”  channels a bit of Muse with piano work and vocal harmonies through the first half, to burst into a soaring journey through descending chords.



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