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Mike Doughty (ex Soul Coughing) has a new album coming on November 6: THE FLIP IS ANOTHER HONEY.


Be sure to catch our album review here!


Here’s some samples and what Mike had to say about the tracks:

“The flip is another honey” is a taken from a Variety review of a Jerry Lee Lewis single, in 1956; it means, “the b-side is also really good”.


It’s all covers!



Here’s the tracklist:


1. “Sunshine”: rapped verses between choruses of a John Denver sample.


2. “A Fanfare”: me playing a riff of my own for ten seconds.


3. “Jimmy Bell”: my version is based on the version that 15 60 75 the Numbers Band recorded, but it’s a blues song written by Cat Iron.


4. “Take Me Home, Country Roads”: yep, the John Denver

jam—with Rosanne Cash singing on it.


5. “Southern Girls”: by Cheap Trick


6. “Tightrope”: chorus from the Stone Roses; rapped verses from me.


7. “Send in the Clowns”: an instrumental version, played with Andrew “Scrap” Livingston on cello, and “Cashmere” Dan Chen on the Wurlitzer electric piano.


8. “Running Back”: by Thin Lizzy


9. “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat”: from the musical Guys and Dolls, and non-ironic! With Scrap and Dan.


10. “Boy + Angel”: by Doveman, aka Thomas Bartlett, whom I played with for a couple of years—since then, he’s played with Glen Hansard, the National, Antony and the Johnsons, and loads of others.


11. “Reach Out”: by Cheap Trick, from the soundtrack of the dreadful and fantastic 1981 animated movie Heavy Metal. I waited behind Ike Hall at West Point for Rick Nielsen, when I was 13, and asked him to play this tune. He laughed, baffledly.


12. “Higher State of Consciousness”: …segued into from the above. By Josh Wink.


13. “Ta Douleur”: sung entirely in French! Originally by Camille.


14. “God’s Song”: (That’s Why I Love Mankind): by Randy Newman.


15. “Mistress”: by Red House Painters.


16. “Words”: by Low, with whom I toured in the 90s.


Other than Rosanne’s vocal, and the three songs with Dan and Scrap, I play every sound.


November 6 is election day! Pencil me in! KIDDING. But yeah, what better soundtrack to relax to, after a hard day at the polls?


Yes, I’m aware that doing two tunes by one artist—let alone two tunes each by two artists!—is breaking cover-album law.


I hope you listen, and like. I’m very grateful that you’re listening.


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