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Let me start the review of Halocene by saying I really like Halocene’s vocalist, Addie Nicole. Her voice is pure, but powerful. It’s perfectly suited for pop/punk.


Their “Can You Hear Us Now” album starts with “Fragile and the Frail.” After listening to this album through several times, I’m glad they chose this song to start the album off. The chorus is so catchy that it’s almost annoying, and I mean that in a good way. There’s even a very soft breakdown towards the end that makes the track even better. “Sometimes” is an angsty female anthem, and also catchy. I kind of think of Alanis Morissette and Meredith Brooks. Guitar work in this song makes it even more enjoyable. “Reckless” and “Toxic” bring out the rock, but again have the sound of a Morissette or even a dash of Benatar. Good old-fashioned music. “Next Best Kiss” shows off the softer quality of Addie’s voice and it’s a nice change-up from the first four tracks. She gets back to business with “Look What You Did” though. A song or two later we get to “Don’t Leave,” the slowest track on the album. But don’t confuse slow with not being good. It’s one of the best on the entire album. The 11-track album ends with “Last Dance.” I’m glad they went out with this song. It’s a bit dark and I even hear a bit of Panic! in there, when it gets really catchy. It’s probably my favorite on an awesome album.


Now, I’ve stayed away from the Paramore comparisons for as long as I could. There are many similarities and parallels to be drawn, but where others have fallen short, Addie stacks up. That’s a major compliment in my opinion. Her voice has so many qualities that make it sound like Hayley; that’s just something you can’t get away from. What should be taken away from this album is that it’s very good. My last few reviews haven’t been that favorable because I was left wanting more than I got. At the end of Can You Hear Us Now? I was left pleasantly fulfilled. The music is good. The vocals are good. The instruments are good. The production (self-produced by Bradley Amick) is good. So, forget the comparisons. What I want for this band is for them to make it because of the quality of their music, not fail because people think they’re a Paramore knock up. Don’t get it twisted. In another world, Paramore is the next Halocene.




You can see their videos and more on Halocene’s Youtube Channel (including the famed Girl bands of the World Song)



  • Opened for Blink 182 & Jimmy Eat World | Honda Civic Tour 2011
  • Winner of 2011 Fall Frenzy Battle of the Bands
  • Performed at Vans Warped Tour 2011
  • Winner of 2011 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands
  • Featured Band at the 2011 Phoenix ComiCon
  • Hot Topic Shop Till You Rock Tour with Demi Lovato, Hey Monday, etc.
  • Featured Band for Phoenix Coyotes Music Entertainment at Jobing.com Arena
  • 2009 Performance on NBC
  • Hit Music Central USA TV Pilot with Red Jump Suit Apparatus
  • Endorsed by Taylor Guitars and sponsored by Pop-Chips
  • Radio Playtime on KISS 104.7FM and X103.9FM





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