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Poughkeepsie, New York band Abel have completed their second full length album titled Make It Right for release on September 18th. Enlisting the production talent of Matt Malpass (Manchester Orchestra, Lydia, Copeland) this album is not to be missed for any fan of raw, catchy, indie-rock.


The Manchester Orchestra influences can be felt throughout the album, especially in the phrasing of the track “Come Home” which immediately gets me singing along to the Manchester track “Virgin“. But Abel certainly isn’t a band to be placed within the shadow of another. The way they weave the sounds together into a brilliant, raw, honest concoction throughout Make It Right is a spectacle all its own.


The songs fluctuate from passionate screaming to a silent guitar runs and crash into billowing choruses, a formula that showcases what Abel does best. From the opening tune “I’ll Be Waiting“, I was entirely compelled by the sound. I felt like I was given a right hook to the jaw when the chorus kicks in. Then the anesthesia kicks in on the refrain, with the ringing guitars, muffled radio transmission, and harmonizing vocals. I knew right away I had to keep listening, and it certainly paid off.


Each track on the album pulls you into this immersion of sound rich with substance and colorful guitar work over vocals and lyrics seething with emotion. This band has what all other bands lack; passion.


Singer Kevin Kneifel had this to say about the album: “It’s about coming to terms with failures and unfulfilled expectations, I think that’s a really universal feeling, and I hope that people who hear these songs will be reminded that they’re not alone—and that those times can challenge us to become better people.”


Kevin had this to say about the song Fifteen Years: “‘Fifteen Years’ is one of my favorite songs on Make it Right because I think it captures a lot of the album’s themes in one song. It’s about wanting a chance to make a change even when things are bleak and how deep down, we all want someone to look up to us. I think that’s a really universal feeling, and I hope that people can connect with that.”


Key tracks: The entire album!  (I’ll Be Waiting, Fire Walk With Me, Come Home, Daughters, Your Heart, Your Soul)


The album can be purchased digitally for $8.00 USD through Bandcamp. Physical packages including CD’s and t-shirts are available on the band’s website http://www.abeltheband.com/


Tourdates w/Sons

09/21/12 Danbury, CT @Heirloom Arts Theatre
09/22/12 Oaklyn, NJ @Studio Luloo
09/23/12 Poughkeepsie, NY @The Loft
09/24/12 Brooklyn, NY @The Knitting Factory
09/25/12 Lemoyne, PA @Championship
09/26/12 Statesville, NC @The Upper Room
09/27/12 Greenville, SC @The Channel
09/28/12 Nashville, TN @Rocketown







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