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In his last few interviews when Thrice split, Dustin mentioned that he would focus on his family and follow a path to a ‘higher calling’. A few months later we have The Modern Post, consisting of Dustin Kensrue (guitar/vocals) and his old friends Phil Neujahr (bass)  Lee Neujahr (drums) and Jonny Sandu (synth).

In this post from Mars Hill Church, Dustin talks about the reasons why he made the move:

For the past few years, I have felt a growing burden and calling to invest more and more of my time and efforts towards worship music. This seemed strange at first, since I don’t actually listen to any worship music and have never been very much of fan of most the music sung in churches. But God slowly began to show me that he had specifically gifted and uniquely trained me to enter into this fray and fight to make a difference. Despite apparently having told my wife at one point that I would never be a worship leader, a year or so again, I felt called to start leading worship at my home church and soon began to. When Mars Hill was going to plant in Orange County with my good friend and former Thrice manager Nick Bogardus as the lead pastor, I knew that I was supposed to sign on and serve there.


Over the last few years God, continued to give me a bigger and bigger vision of what I eventually I’m called to do, and given me the audacious goal of shaking things up in worship music culture and the church at large. I have a passion to see more songs that are 1) more cross/Christ-centered, and also 2) engage the culture directly, rather than endlessly recycling the Christian subculture. Despite my fears at failing and my doubts in my abilities, I am firmly convinced that this is God’s calling on my life.


So, now for the music. I found myself listening with a furrowed brow trying to find that signature Thrice power. But not here. This is a pop/gospel song. Long gone are the distorted guitars, the syncopated powerhouse of the drums, and the fiery blaze of Dustin Kensrue’s vocals. The first single Grace Alone sounds like a mixture between The Cure and Neon Trees and bears no resemblance to the Thrice sound. The drums could have been as easily looped with a drum machine, and the vocals are recognizable but a subdued version of what Dustin is capable of.  I was a little surprised to say the least, but again, it is a gospel band, and it’s exactly the way they wanted it:

Dustin, and the other members of The Modern Post, appreciate the stylistic freedom that Mars Hill music provides. The band’s sound was not one that was originally planned for. In Dustin’s words, “it happened”. Having the perspective that much worship music can be overly sentimental, they choose to push against that by creating music that is celebratory and upbeat. As a result, The Modern Post’s sound is one that bespeaks robust joy, and leads people to exult in the good news that Jesus is relevant for all generations.


The band members also did an interview for Mars Hill Church here.


The Grace Alone EP Releases on August 14th


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