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Wes Borland re-ignites Black Light Burns with the release of the sophomore album The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall (Rocket Science) on 8/14.


This album is quite a shift in direction from the debut Cruel Melody. The Moment… is Borland’s pure, raw, unwavering frenzy of emotion captured in audio form.


Borland talked about it in a recent interview:

It’s a very personal record for me in comparison to the first record, which I had a lot of help on from Danny Lohner from Nails (Nine Inch Nails), who was producing it. I had a lot of collaborations with outside artists and a lot of different people playing on it, but this one, I recorded it mostly in solitary. I wasn’t getting help from hardly anyone, and most of the songs were not only written, but recorded, completely in isolation and without any outside help. So it’s a personal record because it’s Black Light Burns, but I’m the only one to blame for this (laughs), in a way. It’s just me. If you love it or you hate it, I don’t have anyone else to point the finger at.


Cruel Melody was a great album and had featured some amazing musicians. The Moment… opens the floodgates to Borland’s emotional creativity through the music, which brings the good with the bad. The album suffers at times from Borland’s frenzied vocal styling on most of the choruses (especially ‘Tiger by the Tail‘, ‘Scream Hallelujah‘) which may be off-putting for most listeners. I was expecting more concrete harmonies and chorus parts found in the debut album rather than the off-key spasms that decorate the album.  The instrumentation is extraordinary and Borland combines all types of organic sounds throughout the album, and demonstrates his mastering of the raucous bass line. These highlights, however, are hidden in the breakdowns and bridges of the songs rather than the choruses.


It starts off with a boisterous melee of  ‘How to Look Naked‘ – ‘We Light Up‘  – ‘I Want You To‘ , which attempts to harness the demons that Borland has unleashed. Then then album takes a turn to the off-pitch Reznor-esque ‘The Color Escapes‘.  The sweet groove yet annoying vocals on the chorus will put most people off when listening to ‘Tiger by the Tail‘. Then it eventually slows down again on ‘Bakelite‘, followed by the head-bobbing bass line of ‘Grinning Like a Slit‘. The album finishes off with the title track, which showcases Borland ambient instrumental techniques and almost sounds like something off of NIN – The Fragile.


All-in-all the low points outweigh the high points on this record. Each song carries some spectacular elements, but those moments are scarce and short-lived. It tells me that Borland is capable of some amazing things, but I felt that this album failed to capitalize on those moments and missed the mark. I’ll go back to listening to Cruel Melody untill the next album.



Check out the song “Splayed”:

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