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Advina is a post-rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario and come from the school of bands similar to Circa Survive, Moving Mountains, As Cities Burn, Harvard, and Explosions in the Sky. With a focus on creating an environment with the music rather than the lyrics, this compelling 5 piece have released their first EP entitled Fortune Teller in May of 2012.


With an ominous opening track with reversed guitar and piano playing over the opening dialog quote from the movie ‘Primer’:

Here’s what’s going to happen.
I’m going to read this…
and you’re going to listen,

and you’re going to stay on the line.
You’re not going to interrupt.
You’re not going to speak for any reason.

Now, some of this you know.
I’m going to start at the top of the page.
Meticulous, yes. Methodical. Educated.

They were these things.
Nothing extreme. Like anyone, they varied.
There were days of mistakes
and laziness and infighting.

And there were days, good days,
when by anyone’s judgment…
they would have to be considered clever.

No one would say
that what they were doing was complicated.
It wouldn’t even be considered new.
Except maybe in the geological sense.

They took from their surroundings
what was needed…

and made of it something more.

This sets the tone for the album. Advina have created something larger than just a simple 6 track album. Bursting with atmosphere and crowd-like backing vocals, this album feels a lot larger than the sum of it’s parts. Mixed and mastered by Gregory Dunn (Moving Mountains) “Fortune Teller” exceeds the level of quality that you’ll find many independent bands settling for.


Each track flows with unpredictable dynamic and captures the emotions. Lyrics resemble the struggle of regret, heartache, and frustration. Advina’s approach is gentle and welcoming at first but once they grab your attention, the mixture of sounds is curiously captivating.


Here’s my interview with Advina guitar player Keenan Kosolowski:


How did the band meet?

We had all either gone to high school together, or played in previous bands together prior to Advina.


What is/was your current/previous day job?

I currently sell digital cameras at a local electronics store. It pays the musical bills, haha.


Band name: Origins of the name, has it ever changed?

There’s actually a pretty long story behind it that has to do with my family, but the short answer is that it was the name of my great, great grandfathers boat. Myself and Tim (Guitar) decided on this name years before we actually started to take the band seriously, so it’s stuck for quite a while.


Very awesome movie reference! Why the movie ‘Primer’, and why that line specifically? Who’s idea was it to put that movie quote in?

Thanks! I’m glad you caught it. The idea to use it was mine. I saw the movie before writing the song, and I was absolutely fascinated by it. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched it now. The entire intro to that song I basically threw together one day in my room, not thinking it’d go anywhere. I decided I wanted some kind of talking over top, and I really liked the idea of the phone call, so it just seemed to fit.



What’s the overall theme of the record, what do you want people to take away from your music?

I don’t think that there’s actually a true theme throughout the record, but there’s definitely some stuff that connects. Most of us had our little contributions to the lyrics, so each of the songs are unique, and mean different things to each of us. That’s really what I want people to take away. I want them to be able to find a meaning, or connect a line to something in their own way. Some of the actual meanings of songs are probably way different than what people expect, haha.


What’s the music scene like in Ontario? Do you think your location helps or hinders your success?

The music scene in Ontario is pretty strong in the southern portion (Toronto/GTA), but where we are it’s been struggling. There’s a lot of talent in our city, and it’s a pretty tight knit community of musicians. It’s tough to tour from our location, since Toronto or any major cities in Ontario are about 18 hours away. That definitely hinders us, but it was important to us to make a name for ourselves locally above all else.


What’s the story behind ‘Fortune Teller’? Why the title?

The story behind the name “Fortune Teller” is pretty boring. Our bass player Nic discovered that “adivina” in spanish loosely translates to “Fortune Teller”. Even though we don’t have the extra “i” in our name, we thought it sounded pretty cool.


Would you rather obtain billboard success? Or local recognition?

Local recognition was definitely important to us, and always will, but we certainly wouldn’t turn down any other recognition.


What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

The biggest challenge was probably finishing the album. We were given a short period of time to record, so it was pretty rushed. We ended up having to take a break from mid-September until late December to finish it. It was definitely worth it though.


Favorite things to do NOT musically related.

I love to do graphic design in my spare time, so probably that.


What bands do you listen to for inspiration?

Too many to list. Major influences would be Moving Mountains, Circa Survive, As Cities Burn, Harvard, and Explosions in the Sky.


What are some of your favorite bands you are currently listening to?

I’m currently hooked on Artifex Pereo and Balance & Composure. Can’t get enough of them. Check them out if you haven’t already!


What are you working on now, and what can we expect from you in the coming year?

Right now we’re working on wrapping up the summer with a few shows. In September, myself, Tim (Guitar), and Alex (Vocals) are all moving to Toronto/London for school, so the future is uncertain at this point. I don’t foresee us stopping, whether it be recording demos and passing them around, or playing shows on our breaks home.


Photographer: David Janzen

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