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Athletics has released a new album titled ‘Who You Are Is Not Enough‘ on June 26th.  Athletics have carved out a sweet spot in the post-rock genre, combining soothing grooves that then build and apex into hurricane force dynamics, and the new album plays every strength of the band. The new album has been released on a ‘pay what you want’ system through bandcamp. The band wanted to give back to the fans for their support. (I threw down $20 for the album cause I believe in the honesty of the music these guys make.)


This is an album that makes you question how you live, how you love, and what truly holds meaning in life, for that reason I give it the highest praise possible.


http://www.athleticsmusic.bigcartel.com/ – physical copy
http://athleticsmusic.bandcamp.com – digital copy


Formulated as a semi concept album, Who You Are Is Not Enough follows a stylistic theme of a single song, divided into 5 ‘movements’ covering love, loss, and acceptance. Mixed and Mastered by Moving Mountains own Gregory Dunn (as well as their previous album ‘Why Aren’t I Home?‘) ‘Who You Are Is Not Enough‘ overflows with rich soundscapes that flow together seamlessly. Athletics smother every millisecond of the music with emotion and it bears the weight of the meaning – the loss of a friend.  Singer Garrett Yaeger’s vocals are sparse throughout the album, but when you hear him you can tell he’s bearing everything he has from the first track to the last. The standout track may be “III” in which Garrett strains the last line of the lyrics:

IIII read your note, and I know just what you want to hear.  It hurts less over time, but I’m not getting stronger.  I just leave pieces behind.  I can only fall so many times before I’m broke, unrecognizable.  Now all I’ve left to give is the piece that still remains, and you bring the pieces back.  Love, it only reconstructs the pain.  As time fails to elapse, I’m finding you were everything to me.  Now my future and my past are ending tragically the same.

On the final track “V” Garrett sings about starting over, to begin again. Although the lyrics carry heavy meaning, this album does not put you into one of those ‘feel sorry for myself’ moods. I found that it opens my eyes to try to live with meaning, to hold your head up and make a difference in someone’s life. Each time I listen to it I feel more energized about my own life and not to take others for granted. Life is fragile and we should lead ours with as much meaning as possible.



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