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Arcane Roots is a rock band from Kingston-upon-Thames, England. For only being a trio these guys pull off some amazing stuff. Pushing the limits of the rock genre by incorporating progressive, math-rock, and metal and throwing in a visceral spontaneity,  Arcane Roots establishes such a versatile sound all their own.


For Fans Of: Billy Talent, Fair to Midland, At The Drive-In, RHCP


The album Left Fire was originally released as a ‘mini-album’ digitally in February 2011, but has recently been issued a physical CD release on June 11th. There is also an iTunes LP which comes with 2 acoustic versions, 3 videos, photos, and lyrics to all tracks.


The album starts off with a stunning instrumental “Aus Blauderen Verederen, Dus Moet Ik” which highlights the guitar tapping and the dynamics in which Arcane Roots can take you from left field and swing you right into a John Frusciante/RHCP funk groove. The second track “This Town of Such Weather” the band starts up some furious fretwork and listeners get their first taste of the unique voice of singer Andrew Groves . In the middle of the song you’ll find him and bassist Adam Burton sharing the screaming duties with the lines :

I don’t foresee anymore problems! Problems I can do without! This is the beginning of something!

A blistering 2 track introduction for the album and I was hooked.


The next song “You Are” was released as their single for the album and put Arcane Roots on the map with rave reviews from Rock Sound and Kerrang! in the UK. It’s the highlight of the album and hits some great harmonies and guitar work with a pre-chorus that hits that euphoric apex. Three minutes in it turns into an entirely different groove and carries you to the outro. This proves these guys are something you shouldn’t turn away from.


The other highlight track is “Rouen” which asks “What are you waiting for?” throughout and holds a steady groove that would fit comfortably on a Billy Talent album. Blistering screams takes you through the climax at the outro on this track. The Deluxe iTunes version features an acoustic version with a female guest vocal.

So what we had worked
Now I’m old and crippled with hurt
It’s always me that flirts
But it’s me the holds in the dirt

So what are you waiting for?

Then there’s the psychotic scream-fest of “Million Dollar Question” which shows off the technical guitar-work and¬†schizophrenic time/key signature switches that keeps you on your toes through the track. (there’s a finger-tapping breakdown at 2:07 – out of left field)
This album may be tough to swallow for those un-accustomed to this type of dynamics. But once it goes down, you’ll be begging for another round of the album. I’ve listened to it 4 times through today alone.

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